A New Respect

I decided to split wood via a manual wood maul axe instead of using a log splitter.  After about 10 logs, I have a new respect for all those who have (and currently) split wood with an axe.  If I split wood like this all the time, I could eat a half a cow or drink a 24 pack of beer and not gain weight.  Granted, I’d probably die from blocked arteries or liver failure, but you get my point.

Do Not Take the Infrastructure for Granted….

I am not a “Prepper” advocate; however, they are prepared for the collapse of the infrastructure.  How often can the infrastructure fail?  Perhaps, often depending on where you live.  It only takes once to realize you wish you were better prepared.

The infrastructure does not have to fail due to a zombie outbreak or an EMP caused by a solar flare or a nuke.  Storms (wind, thunder, snow, etc), fire, and a falling tree can cause just as much havoc for an individual as any sci-fi plot.  How long can you survive without electricity, clean water, and fresh food?

I am not telling everyone to go build an underground bunker and fill it with guns, canned food, and water.  We all need to have a plan, and a backup plan in case a storm wipes out the grid for a week.  Technology might have changed, but we are all still competing for limited resources.