Why Do I Even Try?

When all seems to be going well, something blows up.  Last week is was the water line to the house.  This week, the eldest son won their Super Bowl in football.  Then, I come home and one of the new cows runs right through the fence and into the woods.  I can only hope it returns or one of the neighbors finds it with their herd.  It isn’t easy to corral an 800 pound startled animal.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Cows Are Coming…

In an attempt to be a little more self sufficient, the family is going to temporarily grow by two cows.  We will still rely on some infrastructure and others to feed and water the cows, but that should help make them a little more tasty.  The goal is not to cut the cord right away if we do not have to.  We would rather nickel and dime our way to self sufficiency to make it less painful.

Still a Few Good People.

So my water line busted sometime within the last week.  It sucked.  My basement started to flood, and since my line is a private extension, I am responsible for it.  I dug it up, found the issue, bought some parts, and started to fix it.  None of it would have been possible without the kind people who work at the water department and those who help out the water department.  Today, it is easy to see the assholes everywhere.  They drive like crazy.  They yell and scream at anything.  It is more difficult to see the good people still left in the world.  I could have fixed my water line entirely on my own, but those good people made my life a little easier and me a lot happier.

Damn This Infrastructure!

So, today hasn’t been a very good day.  I first saw water in the basement.  Thankfully, it isn’t finished yet.  I called in a company to snake the septic line thinking it was backed up.  That wasn’t it.  Water was high in the septic tank, so I thought it just needed pumped out.  It turns out the water line going into the house is busted.  I was losing 5 gallons a minute.  I started digging to find the leak.  It isn’t fixed yet.  No water tonight.  The second time in a week.  Not relying on the infrastructure is one thing, but I hate it when it doesn’t work.

Already Christmas?

Halloween was less than a day ago.  The witches are barely asleep, and it seems like Christmas should be next week.  As a parent, I cannot believe Christmas is less than two months away.  I’m almost in a panic not knowing what to get my kids for Christmas.  I just wish we could have Thanksgiving before everyone starts playing their “holiday” advertisements.  The “holiday” shopping season keeps getting earlier and earlier every year.  Before we know it, we’ll be listening to “Jingle Bells” before the kids are done with summer vacation.

Too Busy….

Life seems to be too damned busy these days.  Technology was supposed to make it so people had more leisure time.  According to a show I saw in the History Channel, people work more today than we did before Charles Babbage first purposed the mechanical computer in 1822.  With the reality that I will never catch up with everything I need to do, I almost long for the simpler days before “technology” existed.  I’m not sure technology has helped do anything but complicate life and make it more busy.

A Punch in the Face!

I find that people tend to put forth little effort on important tasks they are paid to do.  In this hypothetical scenario, I’ll use a car mechanic replacing your brakes.  Some mechanics are great and take pride in their work.  Some do not.  If your brakes do not work after you pay a guy to fix them, you should be able to punch him in the face.  People tend to ignore bad reviews and customer complaints.  It is hard to ignore a punch in the face.  If a mechanic comes to work on your car, and his face looks like a raw T-bone steak, you’ll know to take your car elsewhere.