90% is Easy… Last 10% is Hard

I do not know why finishing tasks is so difficult.  It’s like the first 90% is super easy and just flows together, but that last 10% kicks me in the ass.  “The Amanai Deception” is written.  First round of editing is done.  I just have to fix the pieces, reread, and fix the last remaining items.  Why is that so difficult for me to complete?  I mean, I easily wrote 61,000+ words, but fixing a few hundred seems like I’m trying to shave a dog by plucking one hair at a time with tweezers.  I’m not, and I know it, but it is painful.  Maybe if it rains this weekend, I’ll get it done.  I’m sure if I had the ultimatum of a paper clip down the ole cock-hole or finishing the book, the choice would be easy.  Finishing the book or drinking beer while operating an excavator?  That choice is easy too, but it isn’t the book.

Just Fleas on a Dog?

Life eats life.  The smallest of organisms are feasted upon larger organisms who, in turn, are eaten by even larger organisms.  Likewise, the smallest of organisms feast off of the larger organisms.  We can eat animals like deer, but the ticks feast on the deer (and sometimes us).  We humans are not always the top of the food chain depending on where we go.  How massive does life go?  Some scientists believe the ocean is actually alive.  Can the same be said about our planet?  Is Earth a gigantic life form?  Is our entire universe a life form born into existence in an instant?  Are we just the fleas of the planet who is nothing more than a small squirrel in the cosmic entity?

Real Life

Some people asked me why I modeled some of the main characters off of the real life us.  There were several reasons; vanity not being one of them.

Realism:  I wanted the characters to be as real as possible.  I wanted the backstory and character development to be as real as possible.  Obviously, not everything written on paper is real.  Come on!  This isn’t the Internet I’m writing here!

To help people:  When our son was in the NICU for weeks, several babies around us did not make it.  Going to the Cerebral Palsy clinics, there were kids much worse than our son.  Our son didn’t seem to have anything super spectacularly wrong (besides the CAMT), but it was a massive amount of things.  It is easy to get lost in our darkest hours.  Hope, however far fetched, can be our only salvation.  Sometimes, people just need to see someone else who made it through the struggles to realize they can make it through as well.

Is Freedom an Illusion?

I just finished watching the latest Captain America movie, and it got me thinking about freedom.  I will not ruin it for those who haven’t seen it.  Freedom can mean different things to different people.  There is financial freedom.  There is freedom from being scared.  There is freedom from abuse.  Do we give up our freedom to feel safe?  In a word, yes.  The feeling of being safe is just as much an illusion as freedom itself.  Ever since man has been left to his own device, evil has been around.  Ban guns or give everyone guns, evil will still exist.  My idea of freedom is being able to live without answering to anyone but God (in the end).  I will never see that.  I give up my freedom to live where I do and how I do.  I sold my freedom for money to buy things.  It makes me hate myself a little, but I take comfort that everyone else is in the same boat.  It doesn’t make it right, but it help keeps the illusion.

It’s Just Business

Why do people take things so personally?  As long as people do not attack me personally, I do not get upset.  I only find offense to people’s opinions when they are not based on fact.  If someone does not like my books, that is fine.  I do not take it personally.  I don’t like half the movies my wife does.  That doesn’t mean the writers, actors, producers, directors, and everyone else involved should to be upset.  Everyone has their faults, and I will admit to mine.  No one likes a sissy-ass who gets upset over opinions.  We don’t have to like what others think, but everyone has a right to their opinion – no matter how idiotic that opinion might be.

One Of These Days…

One of these days, people are going to be in for a rude awakening.  We are long overdue for a major catastrophe.  When something huge happens, it won’t matter how much money you have or what the laws that govern a nation are.  The people with the food, guns, and knowledge will be the ones who survive.  All of the sheeple will be wondering aimlessly around the streets looking for someone to help them.  People will be helping themselves, not the ones who refused to prepare.  Of course, this might be a little extreme, but that’s what in movies, and they are always accurate, right?

Not Compromising IS Compromising

Today, it seems as though everyone refuses to compromise, but not compromising is compromising.  It’s like refusing to make a decision is actually making decision.  Everyone has their stances and their lines drawn in the sand.  It does not matter if you are a high ranking politician or a 3 year old kid.  Everyone has the right to not compromise, but everyone should know the consequences.  Let’s say you’re driving down a 2 lane road, and someone comes into your lane.  There are options, but  you refuse to compromise and just plow on.  It is your lane after all.  The person hits you.  By not compromising, you’ve compromised your vehicle, that person’s vehicle, possibly the health of every occupant in the collision, and probably a good deal of money regardless of who is at fault.  In the end, the outcome might not be any different if you made other decisions, but you can feel better about yourself if a 2 year old kid died as a result of not compromising.  You might not compromise your beliefs, but something else must be compromised in order to not compromise those beliefs.

Can’t Help…

To be blunt, you cannot truly help a person (without debilitating disabilities) who does not want to help themselves in life.  There are a variety of proverbs that illustrate the point.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Give a man to fish, and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.  It’s one thing to give someone food or money once, but that does not fix why he needs it.  You can even give him food or money for a lifetime, but that still does not fix the core issue as to why he needs to keep needing someone to give him food/money.  You cannot make someone do anything, but you can make him dependent and worthless in the event of a natural disaster.  Everyone should be able to survive on their own if the grid goes offline.

Sickness in the House

As everyone in the house seems to be suffering from a cold, I understand I would not want to deal with being sick without our modern amenities.  We, in the developed world, tend to take for granted things like the flu shot and medicine to bring down fevers.  Imagine your family’s survival relying solely on your ability to survive a sickness to tend to the herd or to hunt food as it once was hundreds of years ago.  Suddenly, a cold or flu becomes deadly serious and very scary.

The Cows Are Coming…

In an attempt to be a little more self sufficient, the family is going to temporarily grow by two cows.  We will still rely on some infrastructure and others to feed and water the cows, but that should help make them a little more tasty.  The goal is not to cut the cord right away if we do not have to.  We would rather nickel and dime our way to self sufficiency to make it less painful.