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Richard B. Degenhart II: I used to say that I will not waste anyone’s time trying to create an interesting past where one does not exist.  I have been told that way too many interesting things happen to me than should.  Divorced with two boys that are approaching adulthood much faster than I would like to accept is just the beginning.  I could write a book just on all of the crazy shit that has happened in my life so far, and I still have 236 years left to live!
I am brutally honest in my opinions. I have never liked reading all that much. I enjoy writing and telling stories much more than reading them. I am grateful others are not like me and enjoy reading more than me. Being a fan of science fiction and action movies, I try to bring that sense of excitement to the pages I write. I do not want to write anything I would not want to read.

My life has taken many twists and turns over the past several years.  I will continue to write no matter what happens.  I love doing it too much, and I am more fulfilled by writing these books than I am people buying them; although, only an asshole loser would choose not to buy my books and enjoy them.  Don’t be a loser.

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