Did I Make You Cry?

I am sorry.  Did something I say make you cry?  Why?  Why do you need to cry over something I said?  I didn’t hit you, stab you in the kidney, or fuck your mom.  Are you that big a sissy-ass?  Growing up, I was picked on, teased, and made fun of.  It toughened me up.  It made me learn that people’s opinions of me didn’t matter as long as I did what was right.  You cannot always do what is right and popular at the same time.  It doesn’t work that way.  Often times, what is popular is not right.  You cannot always follow the popular path and expect to be happy.  The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can be happy.  The only way to grow is through pain and hardship.  Don’t believe me?  I have been sued, divorced, and lost my job all in the span of a year.  Did I cry myself a river?  No!  Granted, I might have needed the help of a little Xanax and weed, but I grew as a person!  This has been lost on this younger generation.  They think those things are bad.  They want to grow without pain.  They want to make millions without doing any work.  We as parents want the very best for our children.  We want to shield them from pain and suffering, but that only stiffens their growth.  Kids need the unfiltered truth.  No person should offend you.  No statue should offend you.  If it does, then you are a pussy and need to reevaluate your life and your goals.

Equal Rights

In this country, we are all born with equal rights.  It does not matter who you parents are or what they do.  After birth, all of the decisions we make in life effect how our life ends up.  Our parents’ decisions only effect how our life ends up to a certain point.  If we kill 10 million people, does that mean that we should not be tried and executed because we have the right to life even though we revoked that right for so many?  We can take this a step further.  If our ancestors killed 10 million people, does that mean that we deserve to pay for their sins?  We are not Klingons.  The mistakes of our ancestors should not provide dishonor to our family for several generations.

Some people will say that me, as an American should be ashamed for the way my ancestors owned slaves in this country.  Guess what, fuckers?  My family was still in Europe when slavery was going on in America, so you can take that argument and fuck yourself in the ass with it.  Do you kill a child, nephew, or granddaughter of Hitler just because their relative killed millions of people?  Do you wipe out the lineage of Stalin (who killed way more people than Hitler) because he ended the bloodline of millions?  Should all Catholics be eliminated because they killed a lot of people during the Crusades and Inquisitions?  No!  That’s just stupid!

Instead of blaming history for how your life ended up, look at the decisions you have made.  We are not in the Middle East or parts of Asia where people do not have equal rights.  We are not in parts of the world where millions of people are still owned as slaves.  Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  I see a lot of stones already in the air, and I sure as hell know that we all have our own sins.  Quit being upset by injustices done hundreds of years ago and be pissed at the injustices being done today.  If we erase our history, we are doomed to repeat it, good and bad.

There Needs to be a Reset

There seriously need to be a reset on Earth.  The good news is that we are doing it to ourselves.  The bad news is that we will not get rid of stupid people fast enough to make much of a difference in my lifetime.  Now, before everyone gets all butt hurt over this, I am not saying we should go kill stupid people.  “Survival of the fittest” was supposed to do that, but what Darwin didn’t take into account is that stupid people breed, a lot.  The governments of the world have told stupid people it is okay to breed because the government will support their family when they cannot.  The more stupid-people offspring, the more the government helps.  Normal, intelligent people know their limits with children.  Accidents do happen, but even when they might have a kid too many, they find a way to afford it and keep the smart side of the gene pool in tact.  Unfortunately, stupid people out-breed intelligent people 10 to 1.

About the only way to get rid of the stupid people epidemic is to allow climate change (whether it is man made or natural, it doesn’t really matter because stupid people don’t care and intelligent people will debate it) to occur and let the Earth eliminate most of the human population.  Hopefully, all of the stupid ones perish.  There will be a few who escape the fate of their brethren, but the gene pool will have been chlorinated.

Controversy and Our Reactions

Reactions can make or break just about anything.  A great reaction can turn a tense moment into a light-hearted, amusing one.  A poor reaction can turn the best date in the world into a please-God-just-get-me-out-of-here-by-any-means-necessary date.  Reactions can also trigger great controversies.

People react differently in different situations, but I always try to pause and think about what just happened before I fully react.  Granted, I do have those initial, what-the-fuck-did-I-just-witness reactions that can derail my thoughtful reactions.  A lot of people seem to have forgotten that they can control their reactions.  They fly off the cuff, and everything offends them.  They do not take the time to ask why something happened, if there are other sides to the story, or if they might be misunderstanding what was meant.

Reactions are reflective by nature.  That is not the word I wanted, but I cannot think of it.  What I mean by this is that if someone reacts with emotion, the other parties tend to do the same.  If someone reacts with calm logic, others tend to calm down as well.  Instead of being offended by every little statement ever made, instead of flying off the handle in an emotional tirade,  and instead of reacting like everyone is out to win or out play us, if we just take a moment to think about other possibilities, responding in a calmer nature, there might be less violence and less massively offended people out there.  My father taught me that I cannot control what others do, but I can control how I react to them.