Whiny-ass Bitches

No!  I am not talking about women.  This has nothing to do with females, but rather, the cry-baby generation, my generation and younger.  I am not a “free to be you and me” kind of guy.  You do what you want, and I’ll do what I want.  I will not complain about your life style, and you better shut the fuck up about mine.  I do not give two shits if you’re white, black, gay, have six fingers on one hand, smarter than me, dumber than me, bigger than me, smaller than me, a democrat, a republican, have a bigger dick than me (good luck with that), have a job, don’t have a job, are rich, or are poor.  I don’t give two donkey-fuckin shit storms, but don’t go preaching to me about anything.  Don’t tell me I’m racist.  Don’t tell me I’m sexist.  Don’t tell me I’m rich or poor.  Don’t tell me anything.  It’s okay if you call me an asshole.  That is true.

After this election, people started rioting.  Why?  Your candidate lost?  I didn’t see anyone riot when Obama won (twice).  Obama was a young, egotistical asshole who was awesome at making speeches and making people believe he could change everything.  Only a complete idiot would believe him.  Boy, that sounds a lot like Trump with the exception of Trump is not nearly as good as making speeches.  Only a complete moron would believe a politician.  If you’re one of those morons, I am sorry.  Rioting in the streets is not going to change a damn thing.  All it is going to do is cost the government more money to fix all the shit you break.  You are harming local businesses.  Just because you don’t have a job, doesn’t mean it gives you the right to fuck with everyone else’s.  Quit being a whiny-ass bitch and do something that will benefit the world.  You are always yapping about climate change and unfair treatment of some sort of group.  Get off your lazy ass and do something about it.  Rioting in the streets and lighting cars on fire to protest a president who might not be as eco and liberal friendly is like trying to save the whales by draining the oceans.

It does not matter whether your candidate won or lost.  Every person I voted for (for president) lost until this year.  Yes, I have voted both democrat and republican.  You didn’t see me cry when Bush and Obama won.  If you want to have legitimate conversation about politics, good.  If you are going to cry and belittle anyone that does not believe your views even though you scream about free speech, go shut the fuck up and shove a bale of barbed wire in your ass because that is basically what you are doing to democracy when you scream but do not listen.  Lastly, Fuck you.  No one gives a shit about your opinion, just like no one gives a shit about mine.

Finally Over!

Thank the Sweet Lord Baby Jesus the elections are finally over!  I am not going to say anything about my political views; however, Trump was elected for the same reason Obama was…. the general public was fed up with the person currently in office.  McCain was too close to Bush.  Hillary was too close to Obama.  People are shocked.  I am not.  I was not surprised when Obama was elected, and I am not surprised with Trump.  The common person was fed up.  That is all folks!

Just Let It End Already!

I cannot wait for these elections to be over with.  We’re fucked no matter what.  This country has been turning to shit for a while.  Having said that, it is still the best country in the world.  A lot of it has to do with the uneducated youth of today.  And by “uneducated,” I do not mean school/college wise.  I know many people who have a PhD but are dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to reality.  When having conversations about Obamacare (before and after it was passed), I told people exactly what was going to happen.  Guess what?  I was right.  It wasn’t hard to figure out either.  I just applied logical common sense to a situation where people’s behaviors are predictable.  Having a son with disabilities, I had a stake in that law.  I wanted something to happen, but I knew the law, as passed (which law makers didn’t even read beforehand) was not going to be the savior people hoped.

This election is the same deal.  It does not matter who wins in regards to the world going to shit.  It’ll still get there, but it just might be how entertaining it is on the way.  Young people tend to go off emotion and what people say and what it means for them.  They do not look at the fact that all candidates lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want.  They do not see that candidates can make all the promises in the world, but in actuality, they do not have the power to enact such promises.  Sure, Hillary can say free college tuition, and that might make college students vote for her because they are dealing with debt, but they haven’t read how she will make that happen or if it is even possible.  Trump can say he’s going to build a wall or repeal Obamacare, and some people might vote for him because of that, but they have no clue how he’s going to do it.

The world is turning into a shit show.  There is nothing I can do about it, so I am just going to grab my lawn chair, a six-pack, and watch the shit burn while roasting hot dogs over the fires of Hell.

Different Strokes…

There is a saying, “Different strokes for different folks.”  I never really liked that saying.  I mean, it does a good enough job saying that different people like different things, but it seems like a failed rhyming attempt to me.  Then again, I am picky about my sayings.  I like the more edgy, different sayings compared to the tried and true.  For example, when people try to lift someone else’s spirits by saying things could be worse with sayings like, “Any day above ground is a good day” or “better than a heart attack,” I tend to use sayings like, “better than getting fucked by a donkey” or “better than getting a cactus shoved in your ass.”  Now, I have never personally been fucked by a donkey or had a cactus shoved up my ass.  Then again, I have never had a heart attack or been buried.  Of course, there is always the audience to consider.  When dealing with toddlers and clergy, it’s better for me just to keep my mouth shut.