A Happy(?) Thanksgiving

The holiday season is officially upon us in The States.  No, the holiday season does not start November 1, like all of the stores want you to think.  It starts on Thanksgiving.  The day after is when people can start putting up the tree and listening to Christmas music.  I am a traditionalist in that department.

This time of year is supposed to be a happy time with friends and family; however, the holidays can be a tough time for people.  If you lost a close loved one anytime this year, this is the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without that person.  I do not want to imagine what that feels like.  I know I will have to deal with it at some point, but like those people, I do not want to deal with it.  Some people hate their families for a variety of reasons: abuse, neglect, felons, abandonment, etc.  Some people are not liked by the spouses/significant other’s family.  It is hard to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner when you feel like you are being judged by everyone at the table.

Regardless of your situation, I hope everyone has a good day.  For some, this will be the first Thanksgiving with their new love, and the day could not be any better.  There are some who cannot wait for this day to be over with because this is their first year without their love.  Whether you just aim to just survive today or vastly enjoy it, have a safe day.  Enjoy what you can.  Tomorrow will be here soon.

The WTF Moment…

We, as human beings, generally act on emotions.  We do things because we want to do them.  We would like to think that we only do things that will benefit us, but we all know that is not always true.  I have done completely stupid things just because I wanted to.  (Pulling the e-brake going around a turn in the rain comes to mind.)  It was not going to better me.  In fact, it was probably going to cause me more grief in the long run.  Some people look at marriage as one of those things.  I can see both sides of that argument.  Excluding arranged marriages, rarely do people marry for pure financial benefit.  Most of the time, we are emotionally invested in that other person and the situation.  Marriage has its highs and lows.  When your marriage is on a high, all you can think of is how good the situation, and your life, is.  When the marriage is at the lows, you have that “what the fuck?” moment.  You wonder how you didn’t see all the wrong before.  You wonder how much more of this you can take.

The “what the fuck?” moment is not exclusive to marriage.  It can happen with anything.  Your job, your schooling, your career, any relationship you’re involved with, your family, etc.  Over the past year or so, I have had more than my fair share of “what the fuck?” moments.  One good thing about WTF is it makes me think.  Sometimes, I do not want to think.  Sometimes, I do not want to feel.  Sometimes, my logical mind and my emotion state do not agree at all.  Sometimes (the word of the day), my WTF moments have WTF moments of themselves.  Needless to say, when those moments happen, I might need (but often reject) help figuring shit out.


I struggle to admit that I am a bit lost.  So many things have happened in the past few months, that it is hard to keep track of the good from the bad.  When multiple good things happen that contradict each other, that can turn into a mind fuck.  Needless to say, I struggle with the current pace of life.  Going to school full time, working full time, son’s football practice and games (thankfully over – Super Bowl Champs!), family, and a bunch of other things, I am a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many other things I cannot get into here.

Missed opportunities are a killer too.  The problem with those, there are no warning signed you’re going to miss them.  You think everything is great, then BAM!  Like a shovel to the face, you realize you missed it.  I wish I could go back in time to correct my mistakes, but I am nowhere near smart enough to bend the laws of physics or quantum mechanics.  I’m lucky to be able to spell those words.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Sure, I fuck up a lot.  I try to look at the brightest part of that fuck-up and move on.  It hurts, and it is painful, but I cannot dwell on the past.  If something is meant to happen, hopefully it will, if not now, maybe in the future.  At least, I hope that is the case.  I do not know if I can bear the fact that I am completely in control of a random future that is meaningless.  Right now, all I know is I am a little lost in the dark.  It’s like I have a candle in the middle of a pitch-black jungle.  Fingers crossed I make it out.

Bunch of Pussies

What is wrong with people these days?  Everyone is so scared they are going to offend people because they believe a certain way.  To make it worse, people are offended by everything.  “I am offended you believe in God.”  “I am offended you don’t believe in God.”  WHAT?!  Why are you even offended someone else believes a certain way?  Who the fuck cares?!

Now, let me make a clarification.  It is one thing to have an opinion and express it.  It is far different to bully and force your opinion on people.  People who bully others or who try to force their opinions on other people should be dragged through the streets by a log chain tied to the back of a bumper.  There is no place for assholes like that.

If you were offended by the last comment, it is my opinion, and quit being a pussy!  You can agree or disagree.  I really do not care.  You are allowed to have your opinion too.  Will I be offended by it?  Nope.  Sometimes, I might take it a little personally, but I know that it is not about me.  Your differing opinion has nothing to do with me at all.  I have been made fun of for being American by some European friends.  Am I offended?  No!  I just make fun of them a little by speaking American and telling them how it really is.  WWII, bitch!  ‘Merica!

Look, we are all different.  We have different nationalities, races, genders, religions, heights, weights, complexions, hair styles, facial structures, and a thousand other characteristics and features that define us.  We should be able to take criticism, both real and made in fun, without becoming too offensive or offended.  Sometimes there is a fine line between playful jabbing and bullying.  Don’t be an asshole, and don’t be a pussy.


Changes can be thrust upon us suddenly, or they can gradually take hold slowly.  Regardless, change can have a profound effect on us and our lives.  Change can be good, bad, or both.  Having a baby is usually a very good thing for a couple, but if that couple is 14 or 54, that changes things quite a bit.  Divorce can be very bad for a family, but if it is an abusive relationship, it turns into something good.  Going from high school to college can be very trying.  For most, that change is both good and bad.  Old friends may never be seen again, but new friends and experiences are just on the horizon.  Family members are left at home, but independence is being realized.

There are a lot of changes going on in my life, just as there are many changes going on in countless lives around the world.  No matter how badly things might seem for me, I am thankful I live in a country where I have the ability to bounce back.  Some of these changes are out of my control.  For those, I will just raise my glass and see where these changes take me.  For the changes I do control, I pour myself a glass of bourbon and hope I don’t fuck it up.