Optimistic vs Pessimistic

I try to be optimistic about my future.  Sure, I am going to make mistakes, but I hope I am smart enough to not make catastrophic mistakes.  It is much more difficult to be optimistic about the future of our species when it is filled with so many stupid people.

In the mid-1950s, our country had the brightest minds creating and implementing the B2 spy plane.  This thing flies so high that, without a pressure suit, the pilot’s blood would boil.  That was 1955!  We figured out how to put people in space just a few years later!  Less than a decade after the first man being put into space, we walked on the moon.  Less than a decade!

What have we done since?  Nothing much.  Yeah, we created the Internet and found out a lot more about the universe, but I would argue that made things worse.  The Internet full of more useless information than useful.  It is like we stagnated after a major milestone.  Stagnation breeds disease and parasites.

When we are more worried about posting a picture of our kids taking a shit on five different mediums on the Internet instead of trying to better ourselves, we have problems.  I am no saint in that arena, but at least I feel like a piece of shit when I decide to waste time on worthless things while my grass needs mowed.  Our laziness just exasperates our problems.  We not even care our world is turning to shit.  We just shrug our shoulders and click “Like” on the next thing we see on the Internet.

Never Static

For some reason, I cannot sit still.  I always have to be doing something.  Just staring at a TV or screen drives me nuts.  Three books are published, but I cannot rest there.  I have been toying with the idea of writing a spin-off series, but for that, I need a little more calm than what I have now.  Trying to get this degree is a pain in the ass.  To keep me engaged, a buddy and I have created NutUp, America! to make a point.  Right now, we only have two t-shirt designs available, but more are on the way.

Today, men in America have become a bunch of pussies.  Why?  How?  This is something that is not acceptable.  The younger generations are full of pussies who cannot do a damn thing for themselves.  Everyone I have talked to on this matter agrees.  Even women are disgusted by how men tend to be sissies.  They don’t want someone to cry with.  They want someone who can fix shit, stand up for themselves and families, and has that manly quality that (most) women desire.  It is time to take a stand and show these “men” what it actually means to be a man.  Visit the site.  Order some shirts!  Maybe if that sissy-man gets an anonymous shirt in the mail, he will realize he is about worthless and change!

What’s Wrong With Being a Man?

I really do not understand what is wrong with being a man.  For some reason, society frowns upon the primitiveness of men.  Men who cry all the time and are in touch with their feelings is what society seems to push.  Fuck that!  Sure, I have feelings, but I have no desire to share them or emote sappy emotions.  The younger generation of men seem to be a bunch of pussies who cannot do anything for themselves.  They cannot put food on the table without going to the store to buy it.  There is something to be said for a man who can shoot, dress, and cook a deer or other game.  There is something to be said for a man who will stand up for what he believes in and not back down.  If you’re a pussy, you ain’t a man, and you might as well go back to the mall.

Trilogy Done

It has been a few weeks since the last post.  I have not been lazy.  Between school, work, the son’s football, and getting the books finished up, it has been rather crazy.  Regardless, The Amanai Resistance: Second Edition and The Amanai Resolution have been completed and are available on Amazon.  This means the trilogy is complete.  I might do a spin-off of The Event series, but that will have to wait until things settle down.  Unless I start doing cocaine, I am going to need sleep at some point.