More Violence

I try not to get too political because that is a conversation that never goes well.  People always end up defending their stance rather than actually trying to increase their knowledge and see how other people think.  I read Rick Perry’s comments about it making a lot of sense to carry firearms in theaters.   Hmmm…. Since the Colorado theater shooting, who the hell doesn’t care a firearm into a theater?  Granted, that question is geared towards those who are legally allowed to carry concealed firearms.

I am not telling people they should break the laws.  If I do not see a “not allowed to carry a gun in here” sign, my firearm is with me.  If I see one, the gun gets locked in the car, and I am just like all the other sheeple who are defenseless against the criminals who do not give a shit about what a sign might say.

In the end, my safety is my responsibility.  It is not up to the government to keep me safe, because it cannot.  We could have 1984’s thought police, and there will still be criminals and people who might do me harm.  I take a calculated risk going to the movies.  I take a calculated risk driving to work every day.  The government cannot protect me from a texting 16-year-old kid running a stop sign.  The government cannot protect me from speeding in a rear-wheeled drive sports car on a slick country road.  And apparently, the government cannot protect me from a man with mental issues shooting up a movie theater even though the laws already on the books should have prevented his purchase of that firearm.  If existing laws meant to protect us do not, why do some people think new laws will?

What Happened to Free Speech?

We were once tolerant of people with different views.  In this land of “free to be you and me” bullshit (and I will get to why this is bullshit in a moment), we supposedly pride ourselves on accepting different.  We accept different skin colors.  We accept different nationalities.  We accept different genders, religions, sexual orientations, life styles, etc.  So why the hell can we not accept someone’s viewpoint that might be different controversial?  It is called free speech in this country.  Who really gives a fuck about Kid Rock flying the confederate flag in his concerts.  It’s free speech, and he can do whatever he wants whether you like it or not.  What’s the difference between flying the confederate flag versus a rainbow LBGT support flag?  Both are offensive to certain people.  Both are free speech.  People need to stop being a bunch of pussies and quit the bitching about stupid shit.  If you really care that much about what someone says, then the “free to be you and me” is complete and utter bullshit.  Hypocrite fuckwads.


I hooked up an LED light to the previously-mentioned solar project.  I was pleased that the battery easily held for twenty-four hours.  The battery could have lasted longer, but I shut it off because the battery was getting low.  We have had three straight days of rain.  During the days, the solar panel will charge the battery, but it does not do it very fast.  I need a good, sunny day to get the battery back up to where it should be.  I guess it is a good test of a scenario to keep in mind when expanding the solar project.

Solar Project “Done”

I wanted to create my own solar-powered generator just to see if I could do it.  Over a year ago, I bought a 100W Renogy solar starter kit, paring it with a Sunforce 1000W pure sine inverter and large AGM battery.  It has been over a year since I bought the parts, but I finally have everything together and working!  It spent the night outside just to make sure it didn’t catch fire.  I did not want to burn down the garage.

This thing is not what I want my final product to look like, but it is a good prototype of what I want.  I learned a few things along the way, and this is not a permanent installation.  The battery is hidden under the wood, but everything seems to fit pretty nicely.  I do not have the inverter secured, but I doo not plan on lugging it through the woods.  It is pretty heavy.  Yes, I know the solar panel is not going to be the most efficient sitting on the ground with a concrete footer blocking the panel, but this is just an experiment.

The next test is going to be installing a receptacle on the outside of the box and trying to light half the garage with it.  The voltage is all good, and the battery is charging.  I ran a ShopVac for about 10 minutes without issue, so lighting the garage using LEDs or T8s should be pretty easy.



I fucking hate hypocrites.  The strong language reflects just how much I hate them.  I respect someone who stands by their beliefs, even if they are wrong.  If you fully support LBGT rights, that is fine.  That is your right.  If you are against it, again, that is fine.  That is also your right.  What I absolutely cannot stand is someone who believes everyone has a right to voice their opinions, but lashes out at people who’s opinions are not their own.  My opinion on this subject does not matter, and I do not hold anything against anyone who voices their opinion (respectfully) and allows everyone else to do the same.  The rest of the population who feels they’re opinion is the only one that matters and persecutes people with the opposite thought needs throat-punched so they shut the fuck up.  It is difficult to persecute people when you’re on the ground grasping for air.