A Few More Down

I have through chapter fourteen written on this next book.  I am sure some of these chapters will be expanded when I go back through.  So far, I have about thirty chapters planned, but that will likely change.  It always does.  I can have the best laid-out plans, but once the story starts taking shape as it is written, those plans often change.  I think of something new to incorporate, or I run into a problem where the previous plans will not work.  Chapters are added.  Some chapters are combined or removed completely.  I hope to have another few chapters written this week, but it will all depend on how busy things are at home.

Ash Wednesday

This might upset a bunch of people, but I hate Ash Wednesday.  I do not necessarily hate the date or what it means regardless of the fact that many Christians do not observe that date.  What I hate is the prideful boasts that people have when they have that ash cross on their foreheads.  It’s a “Look at me!  I’m a good Christian” type of thing that I just cannot stand.  I hate the “in your face” religions.  That day, and everyone saying what they are giving up for Lent, reminds me of the Bible story of the Publican and the Pharisee.  Those people act a lot like the Pharisee.  “Look how good of a Christian I am!”  I am an Orthodox Christian – not a very good one I have to admit.  It is my opinion that actions, fasting, prayer, and other aspects of practicing your religion should be done in a quiet, respectful manner and is private.  Fasting should not be boasted about on Twitter or Facebook.  I do not care if you have ash on your forehead, but do not start talking to me about what you are doing for Lent.  It pisses me off, and frankly, I do not care.

Writing Rampage

I have been on a writing rampage lately.  Over the last couple of days, I have written five chapters in The Amanai Resolution.  I am about to the halfway point in the book.  This is where things get exciting for me.  The meat of the story is about to be written.  After another ten chapters, I will be dreading writing as usually my fingers hurt like hell from the rampant typing, and I just want the thing over with.  I can never be satisfied.  My real challenge is what to do after this book is written.  Someone suggested a kid’s book.  I guess I could write a book for children and try to teach them not to be worthless.  Yes.  I think I have it now.

Colder Than Hell

I am so done with winter, but there is not much I can do about it.  It snowed yesterday, and it was -4 (no, not Celsius) this morning.  The tractor did not want to start.  After a minute or so on the battery charger, it barely started.  The hydraulic fluid was like gel for about twenty minutes until it warmed up.  The Polaris Ranger and leaf blower did not want to start either.  The cold beats things up pretty badly.  The only thing that started right up today was the grill.  I do not care what the temperature is, if I want to grill, I’m grillin’.  It was 5 degrees when I grilled those two steaks, but I was a happy camper.  There is something about washing cow blood off with snow when it is 5 degrees that makes me feel primal.  It was well worth the numb hands.

Does it Ever Slow Down?

Does life ever slow down or is everything going to continue to happen at lightning speed?  I realize that I am at fault for most of this.  Finishing the basement while going to school while having a farm while raising kids is just crazy!  I know the basement will be finished before anything else is, and maybe that will buy me some time, but I am pretty sure something else will come up.  I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.  In the meantime, I will attempt to apply the latest edits to The Amanai Deception and maybe write a few more chapters in The Amanai Resolution.

Am I Floating or Sinking?

Do you ever get the feeling you are barely treading water?  Yeah.  I feel that way right now.  While I have a contractor finishing the basement, it still requires work and thought from me.  This weekend, I had to run the HDMI cable between where the TVs were going to be,  run the CAT6 and RG6, insulate the walls, and pick out the wall lights.  In addition to all of that, I have the rough draft of my research paper due today.  I also need to make time to put the truck on the jack and see what the hell is making that squeaking noise.  I might get it all done today.  Thankfully, I have people who can help put up insulation and proof read my papers.


My head stop hurting after another day.  Monday was a bit of a blur, and I was groggy most of it.  It makes it really difficult to write a research paper when I can barely think well enough to keep a 7,000 pound truck on the road.  I am hoping I didn’t make myself too stupid from that hit to the head.

On a brighter note, The Amanai Deception is over halfway through final editing.  With everything going on right now, I doubt I will have any time to complete the first draft of The Amanai Resolution.

Uh…. Ouch!

This past weekend has been a very busy one.  The basement is getting finished, and in the process, I have realized how our builder screwed things up.  I knew going with a big builder like Khov was going to get a nice, new house built.  I just didn’t realize all of the mistakes that went along with it.  It is one thing to have the basement entrance differ in width by an entire inch.  It is another for the stairs to the basement to be complete junk.  I had to rip those out this past weekend so the contractor can replace the wavy and dangerous steps.  To top it off, there are two main load bearing beams that support the middle of the house.  One beam is wavy and not straight.  The other was rested on crap material that compressed a quarter of an inch.  The beams had to be jacked up and new material put in its place.

After all of that, I slam my head on a 2×8 board getting wood for the wood burner.  Talk abut instant headache!  It took 3 beers, some rum and root beer, a swig of moonshine, a glass of wine, and two Advil for that pain to dull.  It still hurts this morning.