I Don’t Get It

I saw on MSN.com that the GoDaddy Super Bowl add was yanked after animal rights groups complained.  Curious, I clicked to watch the add.  I expected animal abuse or something controversial.  GoDaddy Super Bowl ads are known to be more skin baring than animal cruelty, so I was shocked when none of that happened.  What could possibly have upset animal rights groups?  I saw no abuse.  I saw no animal cruelty.  A cute puppy gets sold.  So what?  The puppy wasn’t lit on fire or shot.  I honestly do not get what all the fuss is about.  The problem with groups like that is they complain about everything.  Have an outside dog, and you’re an evil uncaring person because it is cold outside.  If you have an inside dog, you are evil for imprisoning an animal.  Don’t own a dog?  You should be dragged through the streets by your ankles for not saving an animal at the shelter.  Own a dog?  You are nothing more than an animal slave owner!  Holy shit people!  Focus your anger and attention to people who actually abuse the animals.  Do not try to make me feel like a piece of shit for owning a dog or a cat or some cattle and respectfully treat them with care.

An Education

There needs to be an accredited school (college) out there where someone can get their degree without all of the bullshit.  In my career, I am not going to need calculus.  I do not need to be able to write research papers.  I most certainly will not need to know the history of religion.  Why am I required to take classes like that?  That sounds like an eighteen-year-old kid, but I am quickly approaching thirty-five.  Unlike an eighteen year old, I know what I am doing in life.  I have never used calculus.  I have never used research writing.  The only time I have ever used a history of religion is during those type of arguments which I avoid like the plague.

Colleges act like they are doing me a favor by requiring those types of courses.  I am the one paying them money for a piece of paper.  It is like hiring a bad contractor and that person getting upset when the room you paid them to build falls over.  The “I built you a great looking room, and you’re upset it fell over?” argument is just as much bullshit as requiring worthless classes.  The history of religion is not required for software programmers.  Screw that “well rounded” crap.  I do not want to be more well rounded.  I like the narrow-minded, successful career person I already am.

Always Learning

I have contemplated over the last few years of finishing the basement myself.  Where I live, very few permits are required.  I have built barns and lean-tos.  I have done most of the electrical work in the garage and barn.  One thing I have learned is… there is more to learn.  I should not have had to learn this, but do not touch the backplane of a 200-amp panel.  It doesn’t “hurt” per say, but it will hose you up for a while.  With that being said, we have hired a contractor to do the bathroom and rough framing downstairs, and watching him work is like watching a master artist paint an incredible scene.  I have learned so much in the past few weeks, it is unbelievable.  I also learned that if I would have finished the basement myself, it would have been complete shit.

All Three In One

It was a busy weekend for me as far as the books are concerned.  Some changes were made to The Amanai Resistance for the second edition.  There were some inconsistencies in how I wrote certain things.  I cannot believe no one caught them.  Oh well, they are fixed now.

The Amanai Deception is a third of the way through final editing.  It is taking much longer than I would like, but truth be told, I have not had much time to actually make the fixes.  As anxious as I am for this, I do not seem to put for the necessary effort to get through it.

The Amanai Resolution is now written through chapter eight.  I am making some changes to the later chapters than what I originally thought, but I think it will be for the better.  I am sure a few people will not like the twists and turns, but nothing in life is 100% super for everyone.

Modern Features

I do not know whether to hate or love modern features.  Sure, the Internet is turning people into soulless zombies that just stair at screens all day.  Some people waste their lives playing online games or searching for someone.  Some people are smarter than I am and make millions of dollars from the Internet and the people on it.  Editing and publishing a book a far easier with the Internet.  Autocorrect can screw me over sometimes, but it saves me more often than not.  Being able to submit my work without leaving my house is another valid feature.  When all is said and done, it is all about moderation.  Do not get trapped farming fake vegetables and getting caught up in some crazy online porn ring, but if you can take advantage of some of the feature like libraries, editors, publishers, and the vast amounts of knowledge, you are almost stupid not to use those modern features.

So Obvious People Do Not Get It

I try to look at things from other people’s perspective.  That way, I (hopefully) know where they are coming from and can better communicate with them.  Some people are just plain idiots.  I love the Dilbert (http://www.dilbert.com) comic strip.  Before I worked in the corporate environment, I never got the humor.  Now, it is so true it isn’t even funny (yeah, that was a pun-like phrase).  I laugh at the strip and think of all the people in real life that are just like that.  The same people will read that strip and not see it, even if you tell them.  Wally is my favorite character.  He is my hero.  I know of few of them in the real world, but they oblivious to what they are doing compared to Wally.  Here is to hoping life does not imitate art too closely!  Thankfully, I can always have a laugh thanks to Dilbert and the people I work with/for.

Riding the Bandwagon

The big college football game was this past Monday: The National Championship.  The Ohio State Buckeyes “at” the Oregon Ducks in Texas.  Now, all of the hype leading up to the game is the standard caliber hype.  What is important is the message.  Almost every article I read said Ohio State was better in a couple more areas, but ultimately, Oregon would win.  Hell, listening to the hype, I did not think the Buckeyes stood a chance, but I am also a jaded Cincinnati Bengals fan.  I haven’t seen a playoff win from them since I was ten.  (Yeah, yeah… I know Cincy is in the NFL, but my jadedness and lack of faith in sporting teams come from them.)

So guess what?  Ohio State won.  They kept it interesting by turning the ball over four times.  Otherwise, it would have been a beating akin to watching Jet Li destroy an old woman using a walker – not pretty.  After the game, everyone changed their tune.  The commentators said something to the effect of “everyone said Oregon but really thought Ohio State would win.”  Wait, what?  No!  If you think Ohio State is going to win, why the hell did you say Oregon?  Y’all changed your tune.  The bandwagon came strolling by, and you jumped right on.  It is OK to be wrong.  It is not OK to be a sissy-ass and not say what you think in this regard.

Arm Chair Quarterbacks

I hate when people get mad at a quarterback or coach for doing what they do.  Those jobs are not easy.  There is a lot of pressure and stress.  Study after study shows decision making typically suffers during stressful situations.  What seems like an obvious call from our chairs probably looks very differently on the field.  For us, we can look at the score and tell how many timeouts a team has.  We do not have to read defenses or change plays on the fly.

This same type of thing happens when school is cancelled for no reason we can decipher.  Maybe the superintendent knows something we do not.  Today, school is cancelled, and I cannot figure out why.  We were supposed to get a bunch of snow and ice.  We got some rain, and that was it.  Temperatures are not supposed to fall below freezing until after school would let out.  The roads look clear.  No other school cancelled.  I do not know.  I will not be an arm chair quarterback and get mad thinking I know better because I do not.


We all make mistakes.  It might be hard to believe, but I am not perfect.  I know.  Let me give you a moment to get over that shock.  Editing The Amanai Deception is progressing, and it is showing me just how many mistakes I can make.  Most of them are stupid typos that autocorrect changed into something I do not want.  I should have caught it, but I just skipped right over them.  Some mistakes are purposely done because I do not like the grammar rule.  I chock that up to arrogance and stubbornness.  In the end, my arrogance and stubbornness will not win, and I will default to what is correct.  Just like I tell my kids, it doesn’t matter what you think.  It only matters what is.