A Happy Belated Thanksgiving

So, I am a little late on the Thanksgiving greetings.  Yesterday was a very busy day.  With the big lunch being at our house, it was a constant stream of activities from Wednesday after work until I went to bed last night.  We had a few hours of downtime, but that was mostly filled with sitting down, slouched with little energy to do much else.   Black Friday can lick my balls!  After a difficult day, there is no way I am spending hours in lines or dealing with asshole people.  I carry too many weapons on my person and have little tolerance for people being idiots to make it a good (or acceptable) idea for me to venture out for the Black Friday mayhem.  For once, I’ll play it smart.

In Line For LASIK

I went for my “pre-op” for my LASIK surgery yesterday.  After watching the procedure done on my wife, I almost backed down.  The eyes are about the only thing I am squeamish about, but I am not going to puss out.  The dentist has to be 100 times worse.  That, I do a shot of Cinnamon Fireball before I go.  This, they will give me valium, and I won’t be able to feel or really see what I going on.  If I can sit through the pain of a 2.5 hour tattoo, I can sit through this.  I hate wearing glasses that much, and contacts seem like a bigger pain than glasses.  Piss on that.  I’ll pay the money, get a little loopy, and deal with any discomfort.  I am not crazy about the weeks of eye drops later, but I am not crazy about work, and I have been doing that for 17 years.


Yesterday, I felt completely worthless.  I anxiously wanted to do something and get some work done, but there were too many things stacked against me.  I had to figure out my persuasive essay for this English Comp class, do a few more class tasks, and it was icy in the morning.  By the time it really cleared up, I couldn’t get any work done.  I hate feeling worthless.  Thank the sweet, Lord baby Jesus today was awesome!  It was sunny for most of the day and near 60 degrees.  I finally was able to work for five hours outside.  I enjoyed every minute of it…. even the pain.  I might be sore and tired, but I do not feel worthless anymore.

More Inspiration

It has been a few days since the last post.  I was travelling, and working 12-16 per day leave little time to eating and drinking beer.  If I have a choice between turning on my machine and posting a topic or drinking beer, I am going to choose drinking beer, especially after a long day at work.  It does give me a little more inspiration to somehow make a bunch of money so I do not have two work, but I have not had much inspiration on what that is.  So far, the government is the only entity that will give people money for doing nothing.  I might not be the cornerstone of morality, but even I am disgusted by that concept.

I Hate Trees

“How could anyone hate tress?” you might ask.  I had a plan this weekend that was ruined by trees.  A few weeks ago, a tree fell onto my electric fence.  It pissed me off.  I cut it up and repaired the fence.  I got my excavator back shortly after and finished the barn extension and framing for the lean-to.  I was going to push a couple of trees over today that was near the fence that looked sketchy.  Yesterday, however, one of those trees fell and took out the corner of my fence.  I spent all day yesterday cutting down/up trees and repairing the fence.  Those damn trees fell a day or two before I was going to cut them down anyways.  For that, they will pay!  A few other trees paid for their misdeeds.

BS Holidays

I complained a bit about National Cat Day a while ago.  Today is National Pickle Day.  Why?  What the hell am I supposed to do or be grateful about pickles?  Some pickles are good; some are not.  Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day (talking US holidays now), Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter (Pascha) all have reason.  Some are Christian holidays that have taken another approach for a broader market.  Still, there is meaning and a reason behind it.  Other religions have holidays that have reason.  But National Pickle Day is an example of some bullshit holiday someone made up for some dumbass reason.  The only BS holiday that is even productive is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  The only reason I can even tolerate that day is because we all, for a brief moment, get to live out our fantasy of being a pirate if only in language.  Scurvy, although a nasty disease, is a neat word to say that becomes an adjective in an insult.

Why Did I Watch That?

The wife got LASIK done yesterday, and I can understand why.  I hate wearing glasses.  It doesn’t bother me so much until I get scratches on the lenses.  In the waiting room, they initially asked if I wanted to watch.  “Hell, no!” was my first response.  An hour later, and it was her turn.  Curiosity got the better of me.  If I am going to get this done in the near future, maybe I should know what to expect.  I am a bit squeamish about the eyes.  After the first eye, I was done.  Why did I watch that?!  I really don’t want to get that done now!  I’m not going to wuss out.  I’ll get it done, but damn!  I’ll need to be knocked loopy before I can get in that chair and have them do that!  I’d rather sit through a five hour tattoo marathon than twenty minutes in that chair with them messing with my eyeballs.  My blood pressure is up just thinking about it!  Now, I do not know which I would hate more, this eye stuff or going to the dentist.

Getting Things Done

The worst part about being busy is how things never seem to get done.  It’s do this for a little bit, then move onto that.  Ooops!  Forgot about this one thing.  Before I realize what was happened, I have ten things that are about half finished.  I finally got the barn expansion one.  There is only two more things I need to do to that thing to make it complete, but that is separate from the expansion.  I finally got the Pilot put back together so I can sell it.  Tomorrow at lunch, I am picking up the metal to finish the lean-to on the back of the garage.  I hope this final push can get me close to caught up.

Hard Work

Nothing makes me feel better (and more pain) than hard work.  I am not talking about working hard at writing a books, burning code, or any other activity that has me sitting on my ass.  I am talking about lifting wet 2x10x20 headers in place, holding them with one arm while they are screwed in with the other type of hard work.  The last three days were filled with hard work.  Friday was easier for me as I paid a couple of guys to do the difficult planning work.  Saturday, I helped them by climbing on trusses fifteen feet in the air to nail down the 2×4 supports.  Sunday was the wife and I (until I yelled at her) sinking in another three posts, putting up the header, and installing the roof on the barn extension.  That is the type of work that makes me feel like I am not worthless.  It is also the type of work that makes me incredibly sore.  I cannot complain.  I enjoyed most of it.

Always Busy

The next few days will be very busy.  Last night was taken up by parent/teacher conferences for the kids followed by mountains of homework and changing the break pads on the Pilot.  Today and tomorrow is filled with construction.  I have a couple of guys coming over to help build the leanto on the back of the garage and finish the barn.  We’ll also be cleaning up some brush and burning a bunch of it.  I am looking forward to this being done.  After the next couple of days, the only thing left to do on the leanto is order the roofing material and put it on.