F*** That Hurt!

Within the last week or two, a decent sized tree came down on the electric fence.  The fence is off with nothing being in that area.  I cut up the tree, inspected the fence, and found that only two wires came undone.  I re-crimped those wires and began to ratchet the high-tensile wire tight.  First wire went great.  Second wire start started going over the ratchet.  I had to guide the wire a bit with my hand as I tightened it.  Then,  it happened.  My finger got pinched in the ratchet and was getting the meat of my finger crushed to a flat pancake.  The tool slipped from my hand, and I spent the new few painful seconds with my hand stuck to this ratchet trying to get the tool back on.  Finally, after a dozen seconds or so, I was free.  I finished tightening up the remaining three strands before my finger really started to hurt.  I was wearing gloves, or there would be a massive chunk missing from my finger.  Luckily, it’s only swollen with a minor tear.  It hurt a lot, and the black and purple has faded to a slight pink.  At least I can still bend it and it is functional.  That hurt though.

National Cat Day

Are you kidding me?  Don’t get me wrong.  I like cats for their usefulness in catching mice and such, but a national day for cats?  What the hell?  I’ve contributed more to society than catching mice, dirtying a litter box, and making cat ladies look like cats because they are always covered in so much cat hair.  Where’s my day?  Who comes up with these days?  How does a “National Cat Day” become a reality?  Why isn’t there a “I Pissed on my Shoe Because I was Wasted” day or a “I Shit my Pants Because I Ate Bad Tacos” day?  If I actually gave a shit, I would waste my time trying to find that information.  Unfortunately, I have more pressing things to worry about.  National Cat Day… WTF people?  WTF?


I am a hypocrite.  At least I know it.  I am one who preaches the dangers of technology and how we should not rely on it so much.  In the same breath, I embrace it.  I have some of the latest technologies; drive cars that have thousands of times more technology than the Space Shuttles NASA used to fly into space.  I am going to be just as annoyed when it all fails as the next guy.  The big difference, however, is that I am prepared and accept that situation might happen.  Yeah, it will suck, but at least I will have my house in relative order for when it does.  I’ll bitch and complain as much as anyone that it has happened, but at least I will survive.

Knowingly Being an Idiot

I know a lot of people.  I might not be friends with a lot of those people, but I know many.  One could ask why I don’t have a lot of friends if I know a lot of people.  The answer is simple: I do not like most people.  Most people are idiots.  They do or say stupid things and are annoying to be around.  I know when I’m being a dick.  I know when I’m being mean.  I know when I am being rather idiotic.  Do most people lack that type of self awareness?  I can tolerate a good deal of stupidity before I get mean and tell people to go away, but I would rather not hurt their feelings.  I do not want to be the one who tells them they annoy the people around them.  I am not afraid of conflict, but I would rather not deal with it if I do not have to.

No 4:00AM

Yesterday’s post was a “first time ever” deal.  Today is a “first time in months” deal.  It has been months since I have not woken up between 2:00AM and 4:00AM ready to start the day.  It could be one of three things.  The first was me being exhausted from waking up the morning before at 2:00AM and not going back to sleep until 4:30AM only to wake up at 6:00AM for good.  The second was doing some crunches, push-ups, and ab-wheel exercises about two hours before going to bed.  The third was drinking a beer, a glass of whine, and a glass of Apple Pie moonshine.  The only one of these that is repeatable on a healthy basis is the exercises.  The other two are not sustainable.  I’ll try the exercises again tonight.  If that does not work, I guess I’m screwed.

For The First Time Ever…

This is the first time I have ever questioned living in Ohio.  I have always loved the change of the seasons.  By the time each season is ready to turn, I’m done with the last.  When I cannot stand winter any longer, spring arrives.  Then, summer opens the pool and the heat.  By the time I’m ready for fall and cooler weather, the leaves fall.  Shortly after, I’m ready for a little snow.  This year is different.  Last year’s bitterly cold -20 degrees long-assed winter has about put me over the edge with Ohio weather.  It is damp, cloudy, and almost cold.  I am not ready for this.  I still want nice, toasty weather.  Piss going to Texas – they have Ebola.  Florida and the southern states are a bit too humid for me in the summers.  The southwest is looking much better if I ignore the fact they’ll run out of water in ten years or so.  For now, I’ll stick with it.  Maybe this winter will not be as bad as people are saying.

On a High Note

There were some tough spots yesterday, but it seemed like everything ended on a high note.  Most of the framing on the barn is done despite realizing the 2x4s were too short.  The oldest’s football team ended the season with a convincing win.  They did not make the playoffs, but they did really good for a 5/6th grade team with only two 6th graders.  The pool is mostly closed up.  That one should be finished tonight.  I cannot say everything was great yesterday, but the good outweighed the bad.  I’ll take it.

Simple Things

Apparently, a lot happens to me.  I have more stories than most, at least as of recent.  They may not be terribly exciting, but they are a reminder my life is not simple, and not always by my choosing.  I never wanted a simple life, but all of this complexity takes a toll.  I found myself wanting a more simple life more times than not but without giving up what I already have.  I am sure I could make some changes, but that requires introducing more complexity.  There is also the fear of the unknown.  If something is far from certain, I rarely take that risk willingly.  Ahh… last football game for the oldest is today.  Assuming we don’t get Ebola, that will simplify my life a good bit until next year.

Kick in the Balls

No, not literally.  I was putting up the trusses for the barn expansion.  All was going good with the 2x8s.  Time to put the 2x4s up on the roof to prepare for metal.  That’s when I remembered they didn’t have 2x4x20s.  They only had 2x4x16s.  That pretty much ruined my good luck on that.  I have no idea how I am going to span a 18 foot gap with a 16 foot 2×4 for the walls.  I did not want to have to put in another 6×6 post.  I am not sure what I am going to do now.  I’ll figure something out.  Nothing ruins a good mood like a swift kick in the balls… even if it is just figuratively.

No School

I do not know if I will ever understand this generation coming up.  The boys do not have school today – some professional day for the teachers.  We let them stay up until 10:30 last night.  Both boys are up at 6:00AM.  What?!  That is an extra day to sleep in!  Back when I was a kid, any time there wasn’t school, my sister and I would sleep until at least 10:00AM.  Why get up this early if you do not have to?  Of course, back in my day, we didn’t have a bunch of cool toys, computers, the internet, etc.  I guess I can understand that part, but if they are going to be whiny-asses today, I’m not going to take that.  There will be some nap time in their future.