F* You, Rain!

It is hard to use distractions when it is raining outside.  I spent all day driving my new Camaro yesterday.  The thrill of a 6-speed manual on a country road (paved, of course) is addicting and relaxing, thrilling yet calming.  Now, it is raining.  What the hell, Mother Nature?!  Just because you want your precious trees to grow and our food to survive does not mean you can sacrifice my enjoyment of my new car?  It’s not like I’m selfish or anything!  OK.  So it is.  I guess I need the food grown in the soil to be able to drive the car.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  Nope.  Still raining.  Damn it!


There are many distractions in life.  Some are brought to us by no means of our own.  Others, we seek out in order to prevent us from acknowledging something we would rather leave alone.  I bought a Camaro today.  There are a few reasons for doing so.  Some are good.  Some are not.  I have been getting that itch to get a 6-speed manual transmission.  That box has been checked.  I am sure there is some ego and vanity mixed in there as well.  But, for the purpose of this conversation, it is a lovely distraction.  I love the feel of shifting gears and going fast.  That is a great distraction from the stresses of life.  Suddenly, I am hoping for a warm winter.

Slow Going at Lightning Speed

I knew this week would bring a virtual halt to “The Amanai Deception” being published.  With school, kids, the day job, football practice, and many other factors, I have not had any time to do anything I really wanted to do.  The real kicker is how fast this week has passed.  It seems like it should be maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, but it’s Friday!  Perhaps this Labor Day weekend will bring forth some progress.  Maybe this weekend will slow down a bit.  I doubt it.  I already know every day will be busy.


We can do many things over a period of time that our bodies get used to it.  The most common examples are drugs and alcohol.  Caffeine in coffee is technically a drug.  I drink coffee every day.  My body has become used to that caffeine.  When I stop drinking it, my body becomes angry.  The headaches, slight tremors, and very irritable mood are all symptoms of withdrawal.

Withdrawals do not have to be so blunt.  There are emotional withdrawals as well.  It is why we miss people.  We are accustomed to being around people we know and love.  When those people are gone, or those conversations stop, it hurts.  I have seen this effect so profound that couple who have been together for sixty years die hours apart.

So, technically, the true meaning of “emotional withdrawal” is completely different than my use here.  I merely used the phrase as a way to connect two different aspects into one in an attempt to be somewhat thought provoking at 6:00AM before my first cup of coffee.

Impulse Decisions

There are many people who make many impulse decisions: tattoos, cars, quitting their jobs, etc.  There are others who refuse to make decisions.  They will ride the fence as long as they can, perhaps, fearful of offending someone or making the wrong decision.  I know a few who will flowchart their decision process and analyze it in every possible way before choosing what to do.  There are those who will not make the decision first and wait for others to do something before they commit.

Which is better?  That depends on the person and decision.  I envy the impulse decision people at times.  They are fearless (sometimes ignorantly so) with what they do.  The analytical people probably make the best decisions, but their lives are not as fun as they should be.  At least they make decisions, unlike the fence riders.  Perhaps, we need to use all those methods for decision making.  Make some impulse decisions on a couple of things while analyzing the very important ones.

Grammar Idiots

I cannot understand how educated people can be so incredibly stupid when it comes to  grammar.  I admit that I am no grammar king, and I look up a lot of the rules, especially when writing.  What I cannot understand is how people function in this world of texting and emailing.  I know way too many people who end about every sentence with a question mark.  Is it a statement or a question?!  It is formatted like a statement, but it has a question mark at the end.  I know people who put commas in the most idiotic places in a sentence.  I know even more people who leave out entire words or phrases from a sentence.  When not following proper grammar, do people not realize how difficult it is to comprehend and translate what is said?  I am not an advocate of using big words just to use big words, but holy shit people, at least make an attempt to put forth an easily understandable sentence when your primary form of communication is email, texting, and instant messaging!  I respect you by putting forth some effort in my writing.  Please have the same respect, and do the same.

Not a Sissy-ass…

I think it is difficult for most people to not be a sissy-ass.  I’m not talking about the weakling, can’t defend him/herself type sissy-ass.  I’m talking about the general term that defines us as fearful people in which such fear makes it difficult to act.  We all have a fear of some sort that makes it difficult for us to act.  It could be the fear or talking to people that prevents us from finding our soul mate.  It could be the fear of taking chances that prevents us from filling that void in our life.  Maybe it is the fear of financial ruin that prevents us from starting a business and making million.  Granted, fear is healthy.  Fear helps prevent us from making irrational decisions that will hurt us.  There is a balance of fear that must be overcome while keeping us grounded.  Don’t be a sissy-ass, but more importantly, don’t be a dumbass.

Back to Basics

I hate hearing that term.  It seems over used, but perhaps, because no one listens to it.  Our lives are very complex.  Some tiny-ass country half way around the world can have an effect on how munch money is in my retirement!  With our lives all intertwined to a degree that few of us can comprehend, it is no wonder why our lives are so complicated, confused, and just plain difficult.  It would be nice to hit a small reset button and get things back to basics where how you live is based on what you do more so than what some leader 10,000 miles away does.  I highly doubt that’ll ever happen.  I discuss in my second book (which no one has obviously read yet)up.

Editing Continues…

Editing continues on “The Amanai Deception”.  I will not get that part done by my original date, but that is not always a bad thing.  It does take time to go through 279 pages multiple times.  Also, this round of editing needs to be complete before going to the grammar police.  I, personally, hate poor grammar, but typing very quickly with auto-correct turned on has lead to some interesting words being typed that were completely different than the intended word.  One this goes through that round, I’ll be ready to publish.

I am also starting part time college again beginning Monday.  I am sure this will eat up more time I do not have.  I really hope I live to be 237 because if I die in the near future, I’ll be pissed I wasted it on college and a degree.


We, humans, are a walking, talking contradiction.  The traits that we tend to hate in others are generally traits we, ourselves, hold.  That is not meant to be a concrete observation; however, there is some truth to that.  We will deny it, obviously, but that does not make it any less true.  Some of us hate people who drink alcohol but are the ones who pop a bunch of pills.  We want to have fun, but we slave away and don’t take vacations.  We tell people not to judge a book by its cover, but we think the guy with the tattoo will stab us in the kidney.  I could offer solutions, but I would just be contradicting myself and repeating the cycle.