Not So Worthless…

Generally, I think sports are pretty worthless.  Unless you’re really, really good (freak of nature good), you won’t make any money at it.  It is a complete waste of time watching (although I am guilty of that).  My son plays football, and it is now football season.  I’m not fond of wasting tons of gas driving him to and from practice as well as the hundreds of miles going to games.  The one thing that makes football (and sports in general) not so worthless?  It gets him off his lazy ass, and he is doing something other than watching (even more worthless) TV.

I Do Not Care About Your Opinions…

I really do not care about your opinions.  That does not mean I do not respect your input or the fact you have an opinion.  In fact, I am grateful you can think for yourself, assuming that is what you are doing.  What I do not want is to hear your opinions in an endless diatribe of how your opinions are “better” than mine.  I like thinking for myself and coming to my own conclusions.  I do not mind lively debates at times, but you should know that nothing you will say can really change my views.  After all, I came to my opinions after self reflection and thought.  I do not push my opinions on you.  I would expect the same in kind.

Hurry Up and Wait

I hate hurrying just to wait.  It seems like everything is like that.  Hurry through traffic just to wait in line at the BMV.  Hurry through school just to wait trying to find a job.  Hurry to buy a car because I really want (or need) it and wait hours while someone fills out three large stacks of paperwork.  I am an impatient man, and I do not like waiting.  As long as I am moving forward, I do not mind it so much, but standing still drives me nuts.  Regardless of how I hurry, I am always polite.  My impatience might be a flaw, but I do not need “being a dick” to be one of them.

Doing Too Much… ???

Sometimes, I wonder if I am doing too much.  Although the second book is written, editing needs done, the cover needs designed, Copyrights officially submitted, and about a half dozen other things before I call it done.  I also have a full time job that is a little more than full time.  I am raising a family and increasing capabilities of the farm.  On top of all this, I decided to finish my bachelor’s degree.  I never got past the associate’s degree since I had a good paying job, and back then, you could easily get by with that 2  year degree and equivalent experience.  Now days, they want you to have a PHD in order to apply for an admin assistant job.  I’m surprised people don’t need a master’s degree to apply for that summer internship.

Maybe I am doing too much.  I guess I’ll figure it out when I start drinking every day.  Ah shit…  Guess I am doing too much.

Book Written

The Event: The Amanai Deception has been written.  Now comes the ever-so-fun task of editing.  No one likes making mistakes.  This is the part where I am showing I have made many more mistakes that I could even have thought possible.  There are some chapters I expect that.  After a glass of wine or moonshine (as I write the chapter), I am lucky if my words are typed in the order I thought them.  Sometimes that is a good thing.  A phrase or thought written three months ago might not sound as good now as I thought it did back then.


Why are people so willing to be defenseless?  I always take the approach of being aware of my surroundings.  I watch the way people move.  I look for actions or looks that are out of the ordinary for typical life.  I also (almost always) carry a weapon of some sort on me.  It could be a .380 pistol, a knife, and/or, a Leatherman.  I do not go looking for trouble, but neither do the people who are killed in home invasions or people robbed and shot on the side of the road.

It seems that many people expect the police or the government to make sure they are safe instead of taking their own wellbeing in their own hands.  When it takes the policy twenty minutes to get to you, assuming someone has called them, that is a lot of time to be stabbed, raped, and/or shot.  Even if the government outlawed everything that could kill a person (guns, knives, bats, cars, concrete, sticks, trees, goats, dogs, etc), that still does not prevent someone from beating you with their fists.

People who do not take steps to protect themselves because they think someone else will are naïve and idiots.  The idea is not to strike first or think you’re invincible.  The idea is to be prepared for anything that might happen to increase your chances of survival.

17-23 and Magnetic Poles

Chapters 17-23 are written.  I’ve been on a writing spree lately.  I’m not sure why, but I am a bit anxious to get the book done.  The beginning of the process is filled with excitement and happiness.  By the time this last quarter or so comes around, my fingers hurt, and I really wish the thing was already written.  Those feelings are mixed with the excitement that I am close to finished.  After that, the endless rounds of editing come into play.

But, I just read on the internet (so it must be true) the magnetic poles are in the process of shifting.  It can lead to power and communication outages.  I’m going to go stock up on ammo, canned food, and water purification tablets.  Of course, it could take a hundred or so years to complete the flip, but who knows.  A big solar flare might hit in a month and take care of all the power and communications for us.  I’m going to go buy double the ammo now.

Happy Birthday America!

Instead of writing some thought-provoking blurb, I will just wish everyone a Happy 4th here in America.  Regardless of how everyone’s 4th went, this is still the greatest country in the world, and we are still the freest.  I’ll hold up my glass of Apple Pie and wish everyone a safe holiday weekend.

Conflict Happens

Some people thrive on conflict.  I do not; however, I do not run away from it either.  I know people who, when conflict is inevitable, hide and want nothing to do with resolving it.  Not dealing with it is resolution for them.  I will aggressively go after a resolution.  There is nothing wrong with two or three people going into a room and yelling at each other for a day or so.  I have resolved many conflicts in that manner.  The people in that room do not hate each other.  It is only a matter of airing the laundry and getting to know where everyone stands.  I will yell at you and be yelled at by you for eights hours.  Then, I’ll go drink a beer with you.  Too many people (and governments) are so sure they are right and are arrogant enough to think they do not need to listen.  Let go, yell at each other for a few hours, and go have a beer.

I’m Struggling Today…

Lazy people should be tied together and thrown in a volcano.  They are a blight on society and pretty much worthless.  Is that an extreme view that should never be followed?  Probably, but that does not make lazy people any less worthless.  For the record, people should not throw other people into volcanoes.  What really throws me for a loop is most lazy people work harder avoiding work than they would actually doing the work.  For me, it is not about wanting to do work.  It is all about the time it takes.  If I can get the task done faster and easier than making excuses and coming up with elaborate plans for someone else to do my work, I’ll just do the work.  That’s what makes me want to throw lazy people in a volcano.  Lazy people aren’t really lazy; they’re just arrogant bastards who don’t want to do work everyone else does without complaining.  #LMB lazy people!