The Nature of Things

Two days ago, I opened the door from the house to the garage to head out and get some things done.  I glanced down, and it looked like Peter Rabbit stepped on a land mine.  There was a back rabbit’s foot, some intestines, a liver, some fur, and a ton of blood on the garage floor.  The cat apparently got himself a tasty bunny dinner.  The cat was strutting his stuff ever so proud of his accomplishments.  The worst part of cleaning it up was the intestines leaving a black streak of nastiness on the floor.  The next day, a bunch of feathers and a pair of kidneys.  I congratulate the cat and clean up the mess.  I would rather there be mice kidneys and tails on the floor instead of bunnies or birds, but that is the nature of the cat.  This cat is damn good at it.

Too Easy

Compared to people who lived 300 years ago, The 1920s with electricity and indoor plumbing being close to commonplace, life would seem easy.  Today, life probably seems easy compared to the 1920s.  What will the future generations think about how we live today?  Will it be, “I can’t believe you used to have to drive yourself places”, “How did you live when you had to go to the store to get food”, or “I cannot believe people had to wipe their own asses”?  100+ years ago, if you wanted a steak, you had to go out in the field and kill the cow yourself.  Now, most people don’t even know where their food really comes from.  Will future generations be a slave to technology used for food by machines just like the Matrix or will technology pave the way for utopian societies like Elysium?

Chapter 16 and More

I’m just going to be honest.  If time were a person, I’d crack him in the knees with a tire iron so he could not move as fast.  Chapter 16 is finally done, but it took way too long for my liking.  I was too busy hurrying to get other things done, and I never took the time to take a time out for myself.  I would like some more quality “me” time, but that probably will not happen any time soon.  By the time I can spend some time for myself, I’m too tired to do anything I want to do.  Maybe I should just be delusional and think I’ll change before time sucker-punches me square in the nose.

A Dying Breed

I was listening to The Highway on SiriusXM the other day and Miranda Lambert’s Automatic came on.  The song made me feel rather old, but that is not always a bad thing.  While not getting into my perception of the meaning of the song, it does describe a slower pace of life before our current technology made a lot of what we used to do automatic or much faster.

I grew up in the late ’80s and ’90s.  I learned to drive a car with a manual transmission.  I still prefer driving a stick even though none of my vehicles offer that any more.  I changed my own oil and performed most of the basic maintenance tasks on the car.  Back when my parents first got a computer, the internet was all text based.  I had to know commands and how things worked.

Today, most people just use the technology with no understanding how things interact.  Less people know how to be self sufficient.  My generation is a dying breed.  While the younger generation might have less hate and hold on less to the negative perceptions older generations had, they seem to live life in automatic and require the infrastructure to provide for them.  When the generation that knows how to fix everything dies out, who will take over?  Hopefully, there will be enough kids out there who enjoy life in manual to understand how things work when automatic life comes to a halt.

The Problem With Logic

The problem with logic is that no one uses it.  Sure, we do not want a bunch of Vulcan-like people who have no emotion, but we also do not want a bunch of idiots running around doing everything but something that makes sense.  One of the biggest errs in logical thinking is thinking everyone follows every law.  Whether you want to believe it or not, we are all criminals.  Speed while driving?  I rarely see anyone who does not.  Impede traffic by going the speed limit?  That’s a crime too in some states.  Most of us are petty criminals whose violations merit nothing more than a $100 ticket.

If we cannot expect others to follow simple laws (as dumb as they might seem), how do politicians expect hardened, violent criminals to follow any laws?  It does not matter what laws are passed.  Ban all guns, make it illegals to look up at the sky, or outlaw wiping your ass with your left hand.  The hardened criminals do not care.  They will get their weapons from the streets or other countries.  They will wipe with their left hand just to break the law.  Most of these knee-jerk laws that are put in place do nothing to deter those criminals.  In fact, they entice criminals to break the law more as there is less resistance in their way as the rest of us will follow those laws.  Look at Chicago.  The city with one of the most strictest gun laws in the nation has one of the highest levels of violent gun crimes in the nation.

No amount of laws, or penalties for breaking said laws, will ever deter a hardened criminal from doing what they want, and there is nothing anyone can say to prove otherwise.  After all, if you’re a criminal, the logical thing to do is to be a criminal in a place with the most laws.

More Important Things

It has been a while since I have posted anything or written any words for the upcoming “The Amanai Deception” book.  Bluntly, there have been more important things in life right now.  Our youngest son just had spinal fusion surgery with rods put in his back a little over a week ago.  These past ten days have been a real struggle with sanity while we care for him.  He is doing great compared with the average recovery from surgery of this type, but he is no where near where he was before he went in.  He should get there after another couple of weeks, but until then, life will remain a challenge.  Until then, I will be keeping a low profile.  I would be a bad father (and arguably, a person) if I ignored my son and his needs to write a book or post ramblings on the Internet.