Real Life

Some people asked me why I modeled some of the main characters off of the real life us.  There were several reasons; vanity not being one of them.

Realism:  I wanted the characters to be as real as possible.  I wanted the backstory and character development to be as real as possible.  Obviously, not everything written on paper is real.  Come on!  This isn’t the Internet I’m writing here!

To help people:  When our son was in the NICU for weeks, several babies around us did not make it.  Going to the Cerebral Palsy clinics, there were kids much worse than our son.  Our son didn’t seem to have anything super spectacularly wrong (besides the CAMT), but it was a massive amount of things.  It is easy to get lost in our darkest hours.  Hope, however far fetched, can be our only salvation.  Sometimes, people just need to see someone else who made it through the struggles to realize they can make it through as well.

Better Than Perceived

I just got back from attending Microsoft TechEd in Houston, Texas.  That is why there were no posts for a week.  It was a great experience with a lot learned.  Much has changed since my first TechEd in 2007.

The trip down was a little crazy.  My flight was cancelled to Atlanta because of a flat tire and bad brakes.  I would have just gone to Tractor Supply and got some Green Slime and some large tractor brakes, but I understand most people are not like me.  After several calls to the Delta customer service (not the fault of Delta), I finally had a route to Houston (although different airport than originally planned).  My bags didn’t show up to the right airport or on time either.  Again, I didn’t expect my bags to get on the right plane 20 minutes before take off with the flight changed.  I was very nervous due to the unknown, but when all was said and done, my bags were delivered to my hotel room at 11:00PM, and I got to fly first class from Minneapolis to Houston.  I cannot complain, and Delta did everything they could to get me to Houston on time.  They even had be booked on another carrier, but it turns out that carrier were pricks and wouldn’t let me on even though I was confirmed.  While it sucked at the time, it was not a bad experience overall.  I cannot complain about the Delta service or sitting in first class.

If I Could Save Time in a Bottle….

I have to admit, I love that song (“Time in a Bottle”) by Jim Croce.  But what would I do if I could save time in a bottle?  How would I use it?  Would I use it to live forever or give it to others who’s time is shortened by disease?  I would love to say I would be noble and give it away to others who need it, but the temptation to be selfish might be too much to overcome.  Since all movies are based off reality (note the sarcasm), the movie In Time proves what happens if people had the ability and option.  We all think we’re good, noble people until temptation and reality kick in.

Setting Expectations

I am all about setting expectations.  I want to know what people want and expect from me up front.  I want to make sure I return the gesture.  When my wife and I started dating, I made sure I could stand her and liked her well enough on the first date.  After that part was established, I told her I was looking for long term and marriage.  If she wasn’t ready for that, then we should just move on now and not drag it out.  True story.  I am a little more forward than most with my opinion and my willingness to show my thoughts.  I cannot stand fence riders.  For those who cannot make decisions or are unwilling to give their opinion or set expectations, stay home.  Nothing sucks more than working your ass off for a goal only to find out that was not the goal everyone else was shooting for but unwilling to communicate.  People like that deserve a punch in the throat.  Don’t waste my time, and I will not waste yours.  See.  I just set expectations.  Waste my time = get punched in the throat.  See how easy that was?

You’ve Got to Pay to Play

As with everything in life, nothing is free.  There are no free rides and no free lunches.  Sure, you can go eat a moldy sandwich out of the dumpster in the back of your favorite restaurant for free, but you’ll be paying for it with a trip to the hospital, a bunch throwing up in the bowl, or an anal tsunami of epic proportions.  You cannot get paid for doing nothing, and doing nothing will get you, well, nothing.  If you want to make something of yourself, you have to make something.  I once tried making money by just sitting on the beach, but all I got was a second degree sunburn.

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 is finally done.  It was a short chapter, so it shouldn’t have taken that long, but the last few days have been busy getting the pool ready and sharpening the blades on the finish mower.  Since writing is not my day job, I have to make sure my day job and the property take priority.  I’d love to sit on the deck, drink beer, and write all day, but I cannot do that yet.  Hopefully, that day will come.

Thinking Like It’s 1997

WTF people?  I find it hard to believe that in 2014 people are completely oblivious to how computers function and common sense.  It isn’t 1997.  Back then, I had to modify files with a text editor that didn’t have mouse support in order to play a game.  Windows 95 was still out, and Linux needed to be compiled before it could be installed.  The internet as we see it today was only a couple of years old and most people were still using AOL dial-up.  This is 2014 people!  Every job I know of requires computer skills.  Ya have to at least know how to turn the damned thing on!  Quit clicking on links in emails and online ads that tell you you’ll get $500 in your checking account just by clicking the link and give them your account info.  Guess what?  It’s a lie to trick dumb people.  Nothing is free.  If a man knocks on my door telling me he’ll give me $500, he’s probably there to rob me.  The internet makes it easier for that robber, and he doesn’t have to worry about my 9mm pistol in his face either.

When Obvious Isn’t Obvious

When people get to a certain point, they stop relying on logic and common sense.  For some, that’s when they are a teenager.  Others might throw logic out the window at retirement.  Some think becoming a manager means they no longer need to worry about anything us common folk deal with.  When people get to that point, they no longer see what is obvious to the rest of us.  They fail to see how talking on a cell phone in a downpour might end badly.  They forget spending more money than what they make without having a job will cause financial ruin.  Obvious is obvious until you stop paying attention to it because you think you know better.