Does Not Really Exist

It is amazing how much we care about things that do not exist.  I define something that is “real” as something that is tangible.  I want to be able to touch it, hold it in my hand, look at it.  I can’t hold the internet in my hand.  I can’t touch social media (that sounds dirty).  In reality, those things really exist, but if they went away tomorrow, we would still survive.  The same thing cannot be said for the sun or the moon.  A lot of people have jobs in creating things that do not matter.  Companies implement technologies that will be obsolete and replaced in three years.  There is nothing less satisfying than knowing the work you’re doing won’t matter in a couple of years.  It might as well not existed.  On the other hand, money is money, and if people want to pay other people to put in temporary solutions, who am I to argue?

Is Freedom an Illusion?

I just finished watching the latest Captain America movie, and it got me thinking about freedom.  I will not ruin it for those who haven’t seen it.  Freedom can mean different things to different people.  There is financial freedom.  There is freedom from being scared.  There is freedom from abuse.  Do we give up our freedom to feel safe?  In a word, yes.  The feeling of being safe is just as much an illusion as freedom itself.  Ever since man has been left to his own device, evil has been around.  Ban guns or give everyone guns, evil will still exist.  My idea of freedom is being able to live without answering to anyone but God (in the end).  I will never see that.  I give up my freedom to live where I do and how I do.  I sold my freedom for money to buy things.  It makes me hate myself a little, but I take comfort that everyone else is in the same boat.  It doesn’t make it right, but it help keeps the illusion.

No Sympathy

I feel for those who cannot help themselves because of some physical or mental disability or other limiting factor outside of that person’s control.  I have no sympathy for people who choose not to help themselves.  If you’re poor because you’re lazy, I have no sympathy.  If you’re poor because you’re horrible with money, I have no sympathy.  If you’re poor because everything in life has kicked you in the teeth, and no matter how hard you try, it does not let up, I DO feel for you.  If you’ve been kicked down by life, and you are clawing your way up, I respect you.  I do not respect people who wait around for others to help when they, themselves, have the ability to help themselves.  The only thing anyone ever owes anyone else without first providing something is respect.  Respect can be lost or earned back.  Laziness is an automatic loss of respect in my book.

Ahhh… Relaxing Work

Some might think I’m crazy, but it was a nice relaxing weekend staining the deck, finishing the fix on the footer drain, repairing the pool heater line I accidentally ripped out of the ground, and pressure washing the pool steps, table, truck, and excavator.  It was relaxing because it was so nice out.  Soaking up some all natural vitamin D from the sun does a mind good.  Sure, it was hard work.  Sure, I spent most of my weekend working, but it felt good.  I could never  live in the city.  I would go utterly board not having a bunch of things to take care of and do.  I also would hate myself for relying even more on the infrastructure than I already do.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is done.  I am almost halfway done with the planned number of chapters, but that could easily change.  It is one thing to plan out a book, movie, or even an email.  It is another to be in the middle of writing and realize the direction you were going to take in the notes is not really where you want to go or it no longer makes sense with the details already written.  Hell, I might even be doing the whole process wrong by most people’s standards.  The true independent that I am does not care though.  I will do it the way I want.  At least if it fails, I only have myself to blame.

Chapter 13 and a Half

So, I am only halfway done with Chapter 13.  It is not for a lack of trying, but life is busy.  I thought I could knock the book out this past winter, but I was too busy cutting wood.  I barely had enough time to take piss breaks.  I thought the spring would give a bunch of rain.  It has not been bad, and the other big projects are keeping me busy.  Fixing the footer drain pipe, rewiring the trailer because of a damn mouse, getting the garage wired, getting the air compressor online, sharpening the blades on the big mower, etc, etc, etc.  I could go on and on, but I will pass.  Half that list is done… just like Chapter 13.


The Event: The Amanai Resistance is now $0.99 on the Kindle!  Sorry, the paperback is still the same price.  It costs so much to print those.  The deal still stands if you buy the paperback, the Kindle version is free.  You might as well buy the Kindle version now.  You know you want to.  That’s less than most good songs on iTunes, and a song does not have the same in-depth awesomeness as this book.  Not buying it is only cheating you from happiness and the pure bliss that comes from reading such an engaging story.  Only a sissy-ass is too scared to buy it.  You’re not a sissy-ass are you?

Finally… The Sun

What a couple of sunny days can do to help lift one’s spirits.  Granted, being stuck inside work with no windows makes it difficult to see the sun.  Then again, if I had windows and could see the glorious weather, I wouldn’t want to be at work anymore.  It’s a double edged sword.  I’ll just be thankful for the few hours after work I have.  I’ll get some things done outside and enjoy the weather.  Pretty soon, it will be time to open the pool.  I am looking forward to staining the deck, opening the pool, and being outside as much as I can.

Busy-ass Weekend

It has been one busy weekend.  I am sore as hell, but it will be nothing compared to tomorrow.  Literally a day before winter hit, the basement flooded because of the French drains at the footers.  It was a blessing in disguise in more than one way.  Firstly, it showed we had a major water leak in our line.  Without the flood, we would have had a $4,000 water bill.  That one was because I put a hole in the drain running pipe to the pool heater.  I spent the weekend digging up 100 feet of drain pipe.  The last 20 feet were some cheap-ass pipe that had a few holes in it.  The drain was also 20 feet from the end of the hill.  Despite 2 days of digging, replacing pipe, and getting completely covered in mud, I still had time to write chapter 12.

I’ll Take The Rain

It has been raining for three days now.  I’m not going to complain though.  At this point, I’d rather have rain than snow.  One glorious outcome from all this rain is green grass.  We went from white and gray to brown to green.  The trees will be budding soon.  I’m not sure why, but I’m looking forward to staining the deck and being outside more.  At least I won’t feel worthless when I can accomplish more than staring at the TV or cutting wood.  When we go through wood just as fast as we can cut it, it never seems like an accomplishment.  Staining a deck is a noticeable accomplishment.