Spring Hair Cut

Because cold weather keeps coming back after a day or two of soothing, warm days, I decided to get my spring hair cut in a vain attempt to coax the warm weather to kick the cold weather out like an annoying uncle who just won’t take the hint and leave.  I have the Mohawk back and the sides shaved all the way down.  Come on spring!  Winter better not come back, or I’m going to freeze my ass off.

Not All Teas Are Created Equal

Just typing that title makes me want to punch myself in the face, but before I do, I’ll explain.  I usually have trouble sleeping.  I always have.  I like coffee, but the caffeine combined with the stress of my job and life causes my heart to do funky things.  A glass of wine allows me to drink my coffee and not die.  I would love to drink a glass of wine every night and pop a melatonin, but that probably isn’t advisable every night.  I have a relaxing tea with chamomile and peppermint.  I have to make it the old fashion way.  I got something similar that can pop into the Keurig.  As I was making it, some brown liquid that looked like something that poured out of my ass the last time I had the flu.  Yeah.  It pretty much tasted like it too.

Third Time Is A Charm

The morning of the surgery, my son had fluid in his lungs which put him at much greater risk for complications during the surgery.  The first time, the surgeon was sick.  The second time, my son was sick.  I guess the third time is a charm.  Nature has a lot of “threes” in it, so we’re hoping this next time is the good one.  We do not have a date  yet.  I guess it doesn’t matter if you say “everything happens for  a reason” or “glory to God for all things” or whatever phrase you want to use.  We’ll just have to stay positive and go with the flow.

Kindle Version Sale! $.99

The Kindle version of “The Amanai Resistance” is going on sale today for $.99.  Get it while you can, because several short days later, the price will go to $1.99 before going back to full retail on March 27th.

Why put it on sale?  Because I can.  Where else are you going to get 189 pages of pure awesomeness for 99 cents?

Almost Time

It seems time passes way too quickly most of our lives.  There are a few moments when time seems to stop.  It rarely happens on a sublime vacation or when we want it.  Time seems to slow down and mock us during the worst moments in our lives: a death of a relative, a horrible accident, financial catastrophe, etc.  As we prepare for our son’s big surgery, I am hoping the recovery time is not agonizingly slow.  I do not want to wish my life away, but I do not want my son and our family to linger in pain.  I just hope the surgery is not cancelled like it was last month when the surgeon got the flu the day before going in.  I do not know how many more times we can go through this preparing for surgery bit.

Bye Cow; Hello Steak!

The cow is no more.  He was a punk-ass steer, but he ate well.  All of the corn, grain, and high-quality hay should make him taste very, well, tasty.  I don’t feel sad about taking him to the butcher.  It does feel strange not going out to check on the water and feed it every night.  I have my name on the list for two more late this year or very early next year.  I just hope I have enough freezer space for this half cow and the half hog on the way!

Winter Jobs

With winter being basically gone, I realize I didn’t get everything I wanted to accomplish in that time period done.  I do not like spiders, and I do not like ticks.  Snakes make my skin crawl more than both, but I have had less run-ins with them.  I wanted to get some things done around the property before these creatures emerge.  Spiders are already starting to build webs.  Guess I’d better stop typing and get the stuff done!

When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong

Why are people so afraid of being wrong?  Granted, sometimes being wrong means people die.  Most people, however, are not faced with those types of wrong.  Everyone is wrong at some point.  There are no exceptions.  Accept it, deal with it, and move on.  I have been wrong many times.  The opposite is also true.  When you’re right, you’re right.  Hopefully, most people are more right than wrong.  What people cannot stand are idiots who think they’re right when they are wrong, dead wrong.

SKITBM Winter!

Ah, Winter.  You were a cold one this year.  You dumped snow after snow while getting down to lows that make northern Canadians feel at home.  But Spring is in her convertible rolling down the highway towards me.  By this time of year, I’m tired of the brown ground and grey skies.  This year, you have spared me from that same fate, but you have caused some projects to be put off until later.  I was too busy constantly cutting wood and keep the animals alive to do those projects.  Normally, I try not to be an asshole, but with tonight being the last day of single digit temperatures (according to the weather people), I cannot say I’ll be a gentleman.  I’ll be in Spring’s convertible looking back at you, Winter, flipping you off with both middle fingers.  Please, do not hold that against me when you come back later this year.  SKITBM!  (Suck It!  Boom!)

Take Care Of It

Taking care of things seems to be a lost art with our throw-away society.  When it is cheaper to buy a new printer instead of ink, there’s a problem.  When it is cheaper to buy a new lawn mower than fixing it, there seems to be something wrong.  When buying a pressure washer set you back $1,000, you made sure you took care of it.  It would last decades.  Now that pressure washers can be picked up for a  hundred or two, people just throw them in the landfill when they stop working after a year or so.  I admit, I’m guilty of it too.  Maybe if things cost more, we’d take care of them more.