Chapters 5 & 6

Chapters 5 & 6 are pretty much done.  I’ve started chapter 7, but cutting wood all day in sub-freezing weather and being around sick people has taken its toll on me.  Cold medicine has clouded my mind so attempting to write any more right now would end up in a bunch of mumbled words and confusing phrases that will cause me grief later on when I try to figure out what the hell I was trying to write.  I only hope this makes sense now.

Not Compromising IS Compromising

Today, it seems as though everyone refuses to compromise, but not compromising is compromising.  It’s like refusing to make a decision is actually making decision.  Everyone has their stances and their lines drawn in the sand.  It does not matter if you are a high ranking politician or a 3 year old kid.  Everyone has the right to not compromise, but everyone should know the consequences.  Let’s say you’re driving down a 2 lane road, and someone comes into your lane.  There are options, but  you refuse to compromise and just plow on.  It is your lane after all.  The person hits you.  By not compromising, you’ve compromised your vehicle, that person’s vehicle, possibly the health of every occupant in the collision, and probably a good deal of money regardless of who is at fault.  In the end, the outcome might not be any different if you made other decisions, but you can feel better about yourself if a 2 year old kid died as a result of not compromising.  You might not compromise your beliefs, but something else must be compromised in order to not compromise those beliefs.

Driving in Snow

So, there are certain rules one should follow when driving in snow.  The main rule is to never to do anything quickly: brake, accelerate, and turn.  There are obvious rules too like don’t drive to fast.  That 70MPH speed limit doesn’t mean a thing when there is three inches of snow over the roads.  I drove across the state to help my sister move.  The roads were horrible.  Top speed on the way to her house was 45MPH.  There were literally 50 accidents.  I do not know if these were caused by inexperience, stupidity, or both.  It was mas chaos, but from what I saw (which wasn’t very much as I was driving), it does not look like anyone was hurt other than their cars and pride.  Everyone needs a little adventure every so often.  Just make sure you are smart and safe when you go on yours.

Real Communication

There is real communication, and there is fake communication.  I call it fake communication because there seems to be no real value in it.  I am seeing it more and more.  In a restaurant, people are found glued to their tablets, cell phones, or gaming devices.  Hell, there are even people talking to each other via text, Facebook, Twitter, etc who are sitting right in front of each other.  I fear this generation coming up will be socially inept and not be able to function in the real world.

Cold Again

When it was -9(F) outside with a -30(F) wind chill, I was outside for three hours straight.  I was warm because I was wearing the  proper clothes.  It made 20(F) feel like late spring when we finally got to that temperature the next day.  A couple of days in the 50’s, and I was spoiled.  It’s now in the teens, and it feels just as cold as -9 felt two weeks ago.  It is going to get down to the single digits over this next week.  I’ll  be used to it by the time it gets back up to the 20’s again.  I’m ready for spring to come.  I’m going through wood like beer at a NASCAR race.

Scary Being A Parent

It is scary being a parent.  I know it always has been, but now seems even more so.  Maybe it’s because the world is much smaller with everyone being able to publish media.  Maybe the worthless people of my generation are now parents.  Worthless begets worthless.  Kids are cruel.  Some of it is intentional while some of it is not knowing acceptable social behavior yet.  My kids will not be bullied.  I’ve told them if someone is pushing them around and being physical, punch them in the throat.  A bully has no power if they are on the floor gasping for air.  Whether people want to believe it or not, it’s still survival of the fittest.

Can’t Help…

To be blunt, you cannot truly help a person (without debilitating disabilities) who does not want to help themselves in life.  There are a variety of proverbs that illustrate the point.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Give a man to fish, and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.  It’s one thing to give someone food or money once, but that does not fix why he needs it.  You can even give him food or money for a lifetime, but that still does not fix the core issue as to why he needs to keep needing someone to give him food/money.  You cannot make someone do anything, but you can make him dependent and worthless in the event of a natural disaster.  Everyone should be able to survive on their own if the grid goes offline.

Never Again Moments

There is often a feeling of “Never Again!” after dealing with a disaster, no matter the size.  When we lost power for four days after a massive wind storm left millions without power, I bought a large welder for a generator even though I’ve never welded.  Maybe I’ll learn.  After struggling to keep the wood burner fed in sub-zero temps resulting in the house becoming colder than desired, another “Never Again!” moment occurred.  I need a backup plan of a backup plan for heating the house.  It has to work even if there is no electricity (as many in the area lost theirs for several hours).  I’m not sure how much this is going to cost me, but I will not be in that situation again.

Winter Can Be Done Now

Winter is just officially two weeks old, and I am ready for spring already.  I love the changing of the seasons, and I like about two weeks of really cold, but this is getting crazy.  It’s been pretty cold for well over a month, and this -6(F) is about to put me over the edge.  I’m ready for warmer weather, but once it gets here, I’ll complain about the mud as the ground unfreezes.  I guess ya can’t have it all.  At least it isn’t going to be -30(F) even though the wind chill will get there.

A Slightly New Perspective

So, after having a gaping hole in the side of the house, and temperatures diving, I appreciate the progress that has been made in home construction.  The holes were not part of some disaster, but rather, a construction project.  Cardboard and plastic is no replacement for siding, wood, insulation, and drywall when it is 20(F) degrees out.  I am thankful everything was closed up before it got down to 8 last night and -10 in a few days.  I would like to think I could survive a few hundred years ago without all of the fancy home building materials, but knowing what I know, it would suck.