Not My Fault!

Why are people so eager to shift blame?  Why do people not take responsibility for their actions?  I just read an article about how people were extremely upset their package didn’t get delivered by Christmas because they didn’t order it until a few days before.  People might not like this, but it is no one’s fault but your own.  I’ve been there and done that.  No one should expect the infrastructure to be 100% all the time.  If UPS cannot deliver your package because there is an inch of ice covering the roads, and you need that package today, do not blame UPS for not being able to somehow master driving on ice with thousands of dollars worth of packages on board.  Blame yourself for not giving enough time to cover potential infrastructure hiccups outside of anyone’s control.  Do not take it out on the poor person delivering the packages.  I’m nice to the people who deliver my packages.  Because of this, they’ll call my cell and try to figure another way to get them delivered.  Moral of this rant: Take some responsibility for not being well prepared, and don’t be an asshole to people trying to do their jobs.  The inability to plan does not constitute an emergency on their end.

Merry Christmas!

Regardless of whether people believe, everyone knows the origins of Christmas.  Today’s Christmas bears little resemblance to the original Christmas.    Today, people try to be a little better than they were the rest of the year.  People tend to be a little nicer.  Most of us try to do good deeds as Saint Nicholas of Myra (THE Saint Nicholas) did.  Most of us fail to come close.  I enjoy seeing the better side of people during this time of year even though most of us are involved in the cut-throat shopping season.  I’ll raise my glass of eggnog and say: Here’s hoping everyone remains civil during these tough holiday times.  Let’s do our best to do something good for someone else.  Merry Christmas!

Christ is Born! / Glorify Him!

Just a Dream

So my desire to update this site at least once every two days has turned out to be just a dream.  It isn’t that I cannot physically sit down and log into the site and post an update.  The reality is that the pre-Christmas week is just a little too crazy.  If I’m being honest, every day after Thanksgiving is a little too crazy.  With snow falling a couple of times a week, school delays and cancellations, and the work being done to the house, I can barely remember to eat food let alone update the site.  I’ll continue to post updates a couple of times a week while all the chaos is going on.

First Chapter: Done

The first chapter is done.  Well, it hasn’t been edited yet, but at least it is written.  As with everything, things are subject to change.  I’m happy with it but not thrilled.  It could be better, or I think it can.  After the book is written, I’ll go back through it several times.  We’ll see what happens.

Well… It’s Started.

So, I started actually writing the next book.  I had the book all planned out, and I was going to start writing a month or so ago, but that never happened.  I don’t know why time seems to go faster when it gets dark earlier.  The holiday time (Thanksgiving/Christmas) seems like a whirlwind of craziness.  When it rained for three weeks straight during the late spring/early summer, I could churn out chapters a day on the Amanai Resistance.  Now, I can’t seem to get three paragraphs down without some form of time sucking interruption.  Fingers crossed the whole book isn’t like this.


Having responsibility and being responsible kinda sucks.  It would be great to not worry about money, food, shelter, kids, parents, pets, a job, and everything else that isn’t fun.  Yet, if we didn’t have responsibilities, there would be no feeling of accomplishment.  Paying someone to do things for you saves time and (possibly) frustration, but there is no better feeling than finishing a tough job yourself.  The job might suck, and it might make ya want to cry at times, but it feels great knowing you were able to overcome those frustrations and finish the job own your own

Not Enough Time

I wish I didn’t need sleep and could be sharp and focused all the time.  It turns out that if I don’t get sleep, I’m mean and can barely function.  I really want to start writing “The Amanai Deception” hard core, but there is not enough hours in the day.  Getting paid by working a real job is more important that doing things I enjoy at home.  Hopefully, it will level out soon, and I can get to it.  Writing a paragraph here or there isn’t going to work.

The Christmas Tree is Up

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is our family’s traditional “Go Get the Tree” day.  We love having a real tree.  Believe it or not, but driving 30 minutes with the family to a tree farm, walking around, picking out our tree, and getting it up in the tree stand is a lot less work than dealing with a fake looking tree that never goes together the way I think it should.  I’d rather get mad at my family (that I love dearly) trying to find the perfect tree than a fake tree I’d rather throw in the wood burner.  No matter what happens on the trip to the tree farm, it always ends up better than it started.