Every year at Thanksgiving, everyone asks the question “What are you thankful for?”.  I could sit here and list everything I’m thankful for, but that would ruin my point.  Why are holidays the only time when we reflect on anything?  I’m sure that if we all thought of how lucky we were to have the people and things we have in our lives, people wouldn’t be such assholes.  There are few people who are genuinely kind and thoughtful left, or that is the way it seems.  So, if I had to name one thing I’m thankful for (other than family, friends, a house, a job, blah, blah blah), I would have to say I am thankful for the people who aren’t assholes.

Living is Hard Work

Living is hard work… unless you inherited a fortune.  For the majority of us not filthy rich by the way of someone else’s work, just living is hard.  As far as I know, most of us have jobs.  When we get home, we might have kids, pets, siblings, and/or parents to take care of.  There is also the house work and yard work.  Then, when a big snow storm comes, there’s cleaning the sidewalks and/or driveways.  There’s testing and maintaining the generators.  Some might have to put straw down for outdoor animals or make sure the wood is split, put away, and covered.  With all the work to do every day, it is easy to forget to relax and take a moment to breathe.  OK.  Breathing time is over.  Back to work.

It’s been four days….

I try to update this site every other day just attempting to keep things moving in a positive direction.  I was astonished, when I logged in this morning, to see it has been four days since I’ve posted anything.  Time flies whether you’re having fun or not.  The sickness is still going through the family, work has been a hellish rollercoaster of tasks piling up, and it gets dark well before 6:00PM.  I guess I cannot complain too much when time flies when the days suck.

No One Likes a Whiner…

There are generally two types of people (at least for this topic).  People who whine, and people who don’t.  Everyone has problems.  Some have bigger problems than others.  What astonishes me is that some people will curl up in the fetal position and build a house of despair around them while other will hunker down and come up with an ingenious solution that no one has every thought of.  As with everything, there are extremes of both while most people fall somewhere in the middle.  While no one like to hear the whining of the people living in their houses of despair, people equally do not want to hear the egotistical gloats of those who fix the world’s problems.  People would rather be around the people somewhere in the middle.

Well Laid Plans…

No matter how many times I plan out my day, it always goes to hell.  Whenever I feel good that my day is going to be nice and smooth, it turns around, spits in my eyes and punches me in the face.  I don’t know why I continue trying to plan my days.  I try to bring those types of real life clusters to what I write.  Nothing in life happens without the fair share of chaos.  Perhaps I might be unlucky, but I know many who are far worse of than I.  Days like this give me a healthy dose of humility.

Sickness in the House

As everyone in the house seems to be suffering from a cold, I understand I would not want to deal with being sick without our modern amenities.  We, in the developed world, tend to take for granted things like the flu shot and medicine to bring down fevers.  Imagine your family’s survival relying solely on your ability to survive a sickness to tend to the herd or to hunt food as it once was hundreds of years ago.  Suddenly, a cold or flu becomes deadly serious and very scary.

Daylight Savings Time

I used to always think I hated Daylight Savings Time (DST).  The clocks would advance forward, and I would lose an hour of sleep.  I do not know why it has taken me so long to realize it, but I do not hate DST.  I hate Standard Time (EST in my case).  I hate it when it gets dark at 5:00PM.  All of a sudden, I can no longer do anything outside after work.  I load up the wood burner, feed the animals, and that is it.  Everything else is indoors.  There is not enough room in the house to not go crazy when everyone is at full volume.  Damn you Standard Time!

Why Do I Even Try?

When all seems to be going well, something blows up.  Last week is was the water line to the house.  This week, the eldest son won their Super Bowl in football.  Then, I come home and one of the new cows runs right through the fence and into the woods.  I can only hope it returns or one of the neighbors finds it with their herd.  It isn’t easy to corral an 800 pound startled animal.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Story Planned…

So, I have the entire story planned out for “The Amanai Deception”.  Now, finding time to write it is going to be more difficult than coming up with the story.  I had two cows delivered this morning, I have wood to cut, split, and stack, and I have a lot of fixes to do on the drainage system for the house.  When we think we are getting ahead in life, something else always comes around to put us back in our place.

The Cows Are Coming…

In an attempt to be a little more self sufficient, the family is going to temporarily grow by two cows.  We will still rely on some infrastructure and others to feed and water the cows, but that should help make them a little more tasty.  The goal is not to cut the cord right away if we do not have to.  We would rather nickel and dime our way to self sufficiency to make it less painful.