Trilogy Done

It has been a few weeks since the last post.  I have not been lazy.  Between school, work, the son’s football, and getting the books finished up, it has been rather crazy.  Regardless, The Amanai Resistance: Second Edition and The Amanai Resolution have been completed and are available on Amazon.  This means the trilogy is complete.  I might do a spin-off of The Event series, but that will have to wait until things settle down.  Unless I start doing cocaine, I am going to need sleep at some point.

Final Editing Done

The final editing on The Amanai Deception is finally done!  I am not using any type of emphasis on the word finally as it was a long road.  The editors did an amazing job and caught way more mistakes than I would like to admit making.  Editing was done weeks ago, but it took me this long to find time to implement the changes.  The new version should be available on Amazon and the Kindle very shortly.

It Has Been a While

It’s been a while since I have posted anything.  There is no rest for the weary or the wicked.  While it might be up to debate whether I am wicked or not, I am definitely weary.  Working full time and going college full time are one thing, but add finishing the basement with all of the other life chores, and #BOOM!  My life is a little crazy.  Good news is the basement is coming along.  I laid to rooms of floor over the weekend.  All those rooms need are trim and some doors.

I did also get some more edits completed on The Amanai Deception and a couple of chapters written in The Amanai Resolution.  I know I really want the next book available, but with so much going on in life, it might be longer than I want.  Oh well.  One day at a time!


My head stop hurting after another day.  Monday was a bit of a blur, and I was groggy most of it.  It makes it really difficult to write a research paper when I can barely think well enough to keep a 7,000 pound truck on the road.  I am hoping I didn’t make myself too stupid from that hit to the head.

On a brighter note, The Amanai Deception is over halfway through final editing.  With everything going on right now, I doubt I will have any time to complete the first draft of The Amanai Resolution.

All Three In One

It was a busy weekend for me as far as the books are concerned.  Some changes were made to The Amanai Resistance for the second edition.  There were some inconsistencies in how I wrote certain things.  I cannot believe no one caught them.  Oh well, they are fixed now.

The Amanai Deception is a third of the way through final editing.  It is taking much longer than I would like, but truth be told, I have not had much time to actually make the fixes.  As anxious as I am for this, I do not seem to put for the necessary effort to get through it.

The Amanai Resolution is now written through chapter eight.  I am making some changes to the later chapters than what I originally thought, but I think it will be for the better.  I am sure a few people will not like the twists and turns, but nothing in life is 100% super for everyone.

Modern Features

I do not know whether to hate or love modern features.  Sure, the Internet is turning people into soulless zombies that just stair at screens all day.  Some people waste their lives playing online games or searching for someone.  Some people are smarter than I am and make millions of dollars from the Internet and the people on it.  Editing and publishing a book a far easier with the Internet.  Autocorrect can screw me over sometimes, but it saves me more often than not.  Being able to submit my work without leaving my house is another valid feature.  When all is said and done, it is all about moderation.  Do not get trapped farming fake vegetables and getting caught up in some crazy online porn ring, but if you can take advantage of some of the feature like libraries, editors, publishers, and the vast amounts of knowledge, you are almost stupid not to use those modern features.


We all make mistakes.  It might be hard to believe, but I am not perfect.  I know.  Let me give you a moment to get over that shock.  Editing The Amanai Deception is progressing, and it is showing me just how many mistakes I can make.  Most of them are stupid typos that autocorrect changed into something I do not want.  I should have caught it, but I just skipped right over them.  Some mistakes are purposely done because I do not like the grammar rule.  I chock that up to arrogance and stubbornness.  In the end, my arrogance and stubbornness will not win, and I will default to what is correct.  Just like I tell my kids, it doesn’t matter what you think.  It only matters what is.


Starting Soon

Writing on the third book will be starting very soon.  I am finally getting caught up on a lot of the big projects.  There are still a few things to get done, but Winter is sinking her teeth in, and I do not like it.  The dark and cold days will give me a chance to start writing.  I will also get off my ass and get the second one published.   Both of these I hope to do by the end of the year, but I highly doubt that will happen.  It will most likely be January.

Ah! More Editing!

I do not like editing these books.  I finally got done with the last bit on my end.  There is one last grammar and edit check.  Unfortunately, I do not know when that will be completed.  I would rather have a perfect product a little later than expected than a rushed one out the door that is riddled with errors and makes me look like a complete dumbass.  I do not need any help in that department.

Now that the editing is done on that, time to write my thesis for this class.  Maybe I’ll grab a beer first.