Generation Gaps

There is definitely a massive difference between generations and priorities.  The older generations were loyal to the companies that provided their family with enough money to put a roof over their heads and food on their table.  The older generation was loyal to a fault.  They put forth a ton of work, and employers took advantage of it.  Employers, however, were also much more kind to their employees (as a whole) than employers of today.

This new generation has no loyalty.  They don’t give two fucks.  All they care about (generalizing here) is how the company benefits them.  If the company cannot accommodate their work schedule, their emotional needs, and/or anything that they want, they leave.  How can someone expect companies and society to care about the wellbeing of the whole human population if the same people only care about themselves?

My generation is in the middle of these extremes.  We are loyal to companies to a point.  We will tolerate some inconveniences to get the job done, but we will not be stepped all over.  My generation was the start of the worthlessness of generations, and it only got worse form us.  My generation is now raising children.  Some of us already have grandchildren. 

I just hope the future generations learn from the mistakes of the past.  I hope they see how hard the old generation worked and what they endured.  I hope they see that a “me” perspective does not work as well as we all want it to.  It will get much worse before it gets better.  I just hope the human population can survive the dumbassedness long enough to turn it around.

When It Isn’t Progress

Being progressive doesn’t mean someone wants progress.  It should, but it doesn’t.  There are different definitions of progressive.  If we are moving from one stage to the next, you can call it a progression or progressive task, but that isn’t always good.  We’ll ignore the political definition of progressive which means to reform society using liberal ideas (which doesn’t mean we are progressing to a better place, according to one half of the population).  Just look at the younger generation, and you can see a massive difference.

Where does the next generation stand, and what are they going to do?  Shit, we can’t even call someone with a dick a man because it can offend someone.  If colleges have designated “safe spaces” that don’t really exist in the real world, how is society going to function?  As a father, I worry my childrens’ generation will be lost.  When I was a child, the Internet was just starting out.  We had modems and ASCII pictures.  Porn wasn’t even videos; it was a collections of zeros arranged to look like a boob when you scrolled with your keyboard on a black and green screen!  We had to figure shit out!  Now, teenagers can’t even do a simple task with the instructions sitting right in front of them.  They have the power of Google and Bing at their finger tips, but they cannot figure out how to copy a file from one location to another.  God forbid they need to change their own oil!

You would think with all of this technology, we would have made progress to go beyond what our grandparents could.  You think we could cure cancer and travel to the other planets.  Nope!  We have kids that are so far stuck in their phones, their entire family could get gang raped by E.T., and they wouldn’t notice.  I think we need a reset to 1700s, before technology took over.  At least we’d get rid of the worthless part of the population.

Deal With It

This is not a political conversation, but let me setup a scenario to illustrate my point.  Like Trump or hate him, everyone has their opinion.  We should all be able to respectfully give our opinions and respect the opinions of others.  We all know this is not the case when we can hide behind a keyboard.  We (the collective we, as I am not a dumb fuckhole who does this) call people racists, bigots, rapists, and many other horrible names without ever meeting these people.  I witnessed a man telling a woman, who’s family survived living in Nazi Germany, opposing Hitler, and fleeing to America… I witnessed him calling her a Nazi for the mere fact he thought she voted for Trump.  That truly hurt this person and the memory of her family.  We refuse to listen to what someone has to say because we feel being right is more important than having an adult conversation.  This is not limited to political conversations, but that is not my point.

When we express our opinions, we must prepare to accept those consequences.  We must know that not everyone shares our opinion.  We must know that our lives might never be the same.  We live in a uber connected society.  Everything we do is on social media, whether we might know it or not.  A woman flips off the president’s motorcade, not realizing the media is behind her with cameras.  A football player kneels during the National Anthem.  A restaurant refused to serve someone who has a certain political view.

Each of these has their own level of possible reactions.  Should the woman who flipped off a president lose her job?  I don’t think so.  I think that is innocent enough.  I have flipped off thousands of people in my day.  Should a football player be cut for kneeling?  Probably not, but he was cut because his performance sucked donkey dicks, not because he kneeled.  Now, if I’m an owner of an NFL team, I don’t care how good of a player you are.  If you are going to cause me a fucking headache because I have to deal with your bullshit, I don’t want you on my team.  One player does not make up a team.  Should a restaurant get a bunch of shit for refusing to serve someone based on their political beliefs?  Yes, and here’s why.  Granted, the restaurant has the right to support whoever they want; however, we cannot refuse to employ someone based on their political views.  That is against the law and discrimination.  How is that different than serving them.  Refusing to serve someone because of their political views is reminiscent of the 1950s (really, way longer than that, but you get my point) when restaurants refused to serve minorities.  Both are considered discrimination.  Are we going to have restaurants that only serve liberals or conservatives or socialists or whatever?

In the end, it doesn’t matter.  We all have a choice.  As a business owner, we know that everything we do will either lose business, gain business, or retain business.  With social media, every step we make is put under the microscope of the public.  Do we understand how, even the smallest of decisions, will be looked at once it is released into the Facebooks and Twitters jungles?  As individuals, do we understand how one misguided comment or action can affect our lives?  My fathers and grandmother (his mother) told me, “You might be right, or you might be wrong.  Sometimes, it does not matter.  Sometimes, it is just better to keep your mouth shut and live to fight another day.”  In a world overflowing with opinion, and I am one who is not afraid to give mine, sometimes, it is better to keep our opinions to ourselves and save the headache and fight for another day.  Perhaps, save it for a day when it is really needed.  When people refuse to listen and have an adult conversation, giving our opinion is almost a waste of energy.  That’s just my opinion though.

Our Freedoms and Morality?

Some people wonder why there is such a fight over the 2nd Amendment.  They throw morality into the picture, but it is a morality of their beliefs.  “Don’t you want to protect our children from mass shootings?” or “Don’t you want to protect your family from home invaders?”  Those are two different angles on the topic.  The one thing people for extensive gun control lack (for the most part) are knowledge about the firearms they want to ban, and how the constitution works.

The first topic is easy enough to fix.  Learn!  Learn what an AR-15 actually is.  Learn that the AR is just a platform.  Learn that there are far more brutal and effective guns and ammo than an AR-15 and the .223/5.56.  Understand that an AR is not an “automatic rifle.”  It is an Armalite Rifle (company that originally made them over 50 years ago).  Understand that there is no such thing as a fully semi-automatic rifle, and that an AR is a semi-automatic weapon, just like a handgun, shotgun, and every other civilian handgun out there.  Learn that no civilian can own a fully automatic firearm without going through extensive background checks, paying the government a lot of money, and basically giving up their privacy for the ability to own a fully automatic or suppressed firearm.

Having said that, there needs to be some work on background checks.  Every firearm I have purchased, I had an FBI background check done.  With my conceal carry permit, I had a more extensive check done.  If you are a felon, you cannot own a firearm.  If you have any type of domestic abuse charges, you cannot own a firearm.  If you are mentally fucked, you cannot own a firearm.  That doesn’t mean you can’t lie on your form, but lying on your form is a federal offense.  Criminals will not get their guns through legal means because legal means will not allow them to own a gun.  States might have different laws on age limits, magazine limits, etc on owning a firearm.  Many states require a person to be 21 or older to own a pistol.  What about a rifle?  To purchase one, 18 years old.  I know many kids as young as 6 that have rifles.  Can’t we raise the age to own a rifle to 21?  That is a dangerous path to go on.  It can be a slippery slope.  If 18 is too young to own a firearm, maybe it is too young to vote.  After all, 18 is supposed to be the age when children become adults and have all of the same responsibilities as the rest of us.

This brings is to the constitutional part of the conversation.  The amendments are typically written to grant or expand on rights, not take them away.  The 18th amendment put a ban on alcohol.  It took away rights.  That amendment was abolished several amendments later because it overstepped its boundaries… and no one followed it, creating a black market and created criminal empires like the American mafia families.  Do the same with firearms, and a similar market will be created.  That, however, is not the point.  When you start messing with amendments, you start going down a slippery slope.  If the founding fathers were not smart enough to realize there would be technological advances over hundreds of years, and we all should  just have muskets, then, the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, photo journalism (magazines, photos in newspapers), etc should be banned or free speech does not be appy to those mediums because the founding fathers could not possibly have  foreseen those advancements.  Yes, that is a ridiculous argument, but if you apply that logic to the 2nd amendment, it would also have to be applied to the 1st amendment when it comes before the Supreme Court.  Remember, the court system will often use previous cases as precedence for current and new rulings.  Look at the Supreme Court case of the District of Columbia vs. Heller.  In the third point of that decision, the government cannot ban a certain “class of arms.”  This means, they cannot ban handguns, rifles, shotguns; however, limits can be set on that class.  The federal government allows any civilian the ability to own a fully automatic rifle if they pay a lot of money, give up privacy, and go through extensive checks.  States, however, can limit that on their own terms.  That’s why states like New York and California and cities like Chicago can state magazine limits and put in extremely tough laws (which does nothing to prevent crime – just look at statistics for confirmation on that).

Why stop at the 1st and 2nd amendment.  Why not abolish the 3rd amendment and allow the government to take your home and house military solders.  Guess what, it happens today anyways.  Why not get rid of the 4th amendment that protects you from illegal search and seizures.  You know Billy, who is a drug dealer, so that must mean you are a drug dealer too and have drugs and weapons in your house.  Why would the government need a warrant for that?  Guess what, that one is also violated by our own government.  All of these violations can be attributed to a “moral” stance.  “We have a moral obligation to wipe out mass shootings and drug overdoses, so it is okay if we have a gray area and violate these amendments.”  The problem is that for every instance that is used against someone who is doing something illegal, it is used against someone who has done nothing wrong.  When you start injecting morality into law, shit goes south.  There is a separation between church and state.  The 1st amendment gives us a right to practice whatever religion we want; however, morality is a religious construct.  Some religions say murder is 100% bad.  Others say it is bad unless it is against people outside your religion AKA “acceptable or good.”  If we are not supposed to inject religion into our laws, this means we cannot inject morality into it.  We, therefore, cannot have a moral obligation to protect people from mass shootings via the amendments just as we cannot protect people from hateful speech since doing so would violate the 1st amendment.  Hateful speech is a moral construct.  One person’s hateful speech might just be fact.  Early scientists were banished and even killed for saying the Earth went around the sun.  To some people, those facts were hateful, immoral speeches.

“But isn’t murder a moral issue, and thus, should be allowed by your argument?”  That is dumb, but a reasonable question to ask.  The answer is, no.  Murder takes away our right to live.  Morality cannot be used to take away a right.  Morality can be used to grant a right that should have been present all along, like 13th and 19th amendments.  That is why we cannot use morality to abolish the 1st or 2nd amendment just because people say the founding fathers were too stupid to realize there would be technological advances and forms of everything they stated might evolve and change over hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Remember, 80% of a conversation is our listening, observing, and thinking.  Only 20% of a conversation should be us (a certain individual or side) talking.  Listen, think, research (both sides of the argument, not just the side that affirms your stance), and respond intelligently, without yelling.  That is how a conversation should go to be productive.

People Are Insane

The second definition of insanity is “extreme foolishness or irrationality.”  I could ask, “What the fuck is wrong with people?” but that is a never-ending answer.  There is so much shit that happens today that it blows the mind.  Honestly, that much shit has happened since forever, but we didn’t have social media to blow it up everywhere.  People go to extremes.  People scream for social justice when they are just as bad, if not worse, than the people they are screaming against.

For example, I read that a three-star general got demoted for calling a staffer “sweetheart.”  Sweetheart!  Holy fuckcicles!  Do you know how many times strangers, mostly women, have called me baby, sweetheart, honey, or some other form of endearment even though I have never met them or barely know them?  Do I get all offended and pissed off?  No!  Some people just talk like that and call everyone that.  It would have been better for that general to call that staffer a “psycho bitch” or “thunder cunt.”  He probably wouldn’t have been disciplined as severely for it.  People get so offended by the littlest of things.  I have had people get offended for me just saying “hi” to them.  Seriously!

I also read that someone is accusing Michael Douglas of sexual misconduct 30 years ago.  30 fucking years!  Seriously?  When some form of sexual misconduct happens, people talk.  If you are a victim, you tell someone because it would kill you if you didn’t.  I know several people who have been raped, and they talked regardless of whether charges were filed.  Shit, some psycho ex-girlfriend told someone I raped her (didn’t happen), and about 50 people heard about it within days, and I didn’t do it, and I’m a nobody!  How the donkey-fucking hell can someone with the stature or Michael Douglas or Sylvester Stallone do something like that and there not be at least rumors.  Family guy made a joke back in 2005 about a naked Stewie (baby) escaping from Kevin Spacey’s basement.  There were rumors about him for at least 12 years before shit hit the fan with him.

On a business trip, I had a boss try to lick my face in a cab in Vegas.  People know about it.  I’m not going around saying MeToo.  Could I?  Sure.  Will I?  Nope.  It’s not that I think the “movement” isn’t a valid one.  No one should be sexually assaulted, but if you don’t say anything for 30 fucking years and no one else has even heard about it, all signs point to it wasn’t a sexual assault.  Logic dictates that if it is an assault, a crime, you tell people.  Whether you tell the police isn’t the point.  I know many people that did not go to the police, but they still told people.  People still know what happened.  You cannot go up to a hotel with a famous person, drink some expensive booze, fuck them, then leave their room, and 30 years later, say it was sexual misconduct.  You knew what you were doing.  You knew what was going to happen, and you willingly went up there.

When an intimate violation of the body or mind happens, human nature is to try and find closure, find answers.  We talk to the closest of friends and/or family.  There will always be exceptions to this, and nothing is ever absolute.  The Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein cases are probably true, or at least have some truth to them, but there have been rumors about those two for a long time.  Some of these cases, however, hold little merit.  We tout “innocent until proven guilty,” but people’s careers have been ruined by mere accusations.  Social media has made it so we are guilty even when proven innocent.  People read something on the internet and take it as a gospel from God (who they don’t believe in because there is no proof).  That sentence right there sums up how fucked up our society has become.

Who the Hell Cares?

Apparently, we have solved all of the worlds problems already.  All of the world’s hungry have been fed, cancer has been cured, climate change has been adverted, and everyone has jobs.  At least, I am assuming that because the Press Secretary for the White House might have made a pie, and it is somehow big news.  That is the only explanation I can think of as to why it made the news.  My other question is, who the fuck cares?!  Seriously!  Who fucking cares if one person out of the 7+ billion people on this earth made a fucking pie?

“OMG, she might have lied about it!”  OMG, who cares?  It’s just like a fisherman’s tale.  The one that got away is always exponentially bigger than the fish that actually did.  Shit, Moby Dick was probably just a catfish, and Captain Ahab hit a rock in a lake and was embarrassed that’s how he lost his leg.  (Yeah, there are tons of things wrong with that statement, but you get the point.)

My point is that I have enough to worry about just surviving to give two donkey fuckins what some lady might (or might not) have made during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Hell, I have too much to worry about to even read the article to find out.  Shit like this is why I stopped watching the news ten years ago.  When the news became an ultra-competitive, billion-dollar industry, it stopped being the news and turned into reality TV.  This does, however, give me something to write about on this blog, so I guess it isn’t a total loss.

We Are Lost

I have never seen the human species so lost.  It is one thing to evolve, to shed hatred and racism as part of us growing as an evolved species.  It is quite another to see hatred in people that does not exist or to push hatred towards others.  Bad shit has happened since the beginning of time.  Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.  When we erase history because we find it offensive, it leaves the door open to forget that history.  Forgetting that history means it will be repeated.

A prime example of the above can be seen in video games.  Including horrible things in a video game is sometimes the only education kids get on a topic.  The new Call of Duty goes back to its roots and World War II.  Someone made a comment on Facebook that they were now “doing this shit to their kind (blacks since technically the people in the picture were not Americans so cannot be called African Americans).”  My first comment almost was, “You mean people?”  It doesn’t matter who, hanging people from trees is wrong.  My second comment was that according to the screenshot, it was difficult to tell which ethnicity the characters were.  After doing a little research on that screenshot, they were actually Jewish.  People were upset.  Good!  Don’t forget history!

Hitler killed millions of Jews.  Stalin killed at least twice as many Christians.  Because history sucks, should we forget it?  Hell no!  The problem with removing Confederate monuments because they owned slaves is that during that time period, most politicians did own slaves.  In fact, the only founding father of the United States to NOT own slaves was John Adams.  Does this mean that America was founded on evil bullshit and we should go back to kneeling for the Queen?  To take it a step further, should we not kneel to the Queen because during the French and Indian War, the British won against the Native Americans, French, and Americans and continued their “oppression?”  Fuck no!  It just means that no one is perfect, and we should take lessons learned from history so we do not repeat them.  If we wipe out all the wrongs that have been done in history, we should just go back to living naked in the Garden of Eden.  All of America should go back to the native peoples.  Spain should be punished for bringing disease to Central America and wiping out civilizations.  We as individuals, and a people, are not defined by the mistakes of our pasts, but in how we grow and learn from them.

New Meanings?

I haven’t watched SNL in over a decade.  I love to laugh, but that show hasn’t made me laugh in a very long time.  A friend showed me a skit the other day.  It was very funny, but for a odd reason.  It brought up multiple conversations about this topic.  Back when we were kids, words did not have the stigma that they do today.  We said, “That’s gay” and “that’s retarded” a lot.  We didn’t make fun of gay people or people with disabilities.  In the last five to ten years, it seems like people have gotten hypersensitive about almost everything.

To put it mildly, people have become such sissy-ass babies, it’s not even funny.  I don’t know what happened to people.  Yes, we need to be respectful of everyone.  That is common sense that people seem to have lost.  I don’t care what race, religion, or nationality you are.  I don’t even care which of the 3,874,192 genders you identify as.  I will treat everyone with the same respect as everyone else.  But is using one of those words disrespectful?  Yes and no.  It all depends on the usage.  If you call a kid with disabilities a “fucking retard,” that is bad.  That is extremely disrespectful.  If you are working on an older car and need to adjust the timing, you either advance or retard it.  That has been the terminology for that adjustment for decades.  That is not disrespectful.

Look, I have a son with disabilities.  I do not get offended when someone throws around certain words.  In fact, I cannot remember the last time I was offended.  People say all kinds of mean and hateful things.  People show a general lack of respect because they are only concerned with themselves.  My father told me as a child that I cannot control what people do.  I can only control how I react to what they do.  There is not one word in any language that offends me.  They are just words.  They only have power to hurt us if we give them that power.  There is an old saying: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.  Wait, that doesn’t sound relevant to this conversation.  Oh!  It’s “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.”  As children, if someone said something mean, that’s what we would repeat back.  Stop giving words power over you.  Stop giving people power over you.  Are you so helpless that certain sound frequencies that hold no mass can crush you as if a moon was dropped on your head?  Quit being a bunch of pussies and take back your dignity.  Be respectful and kind, but for the survival of humanity, quit being such a sissy-ass fuckhole.  I say that with all the respect in the world.  In this case, it is called “tough love.”

A Rare Poem

I do not usually write poems.  This poem is about a couple that hasn’t been together very long, but they are dealing with the seriousness of past dramatic events.  This deals with a certain topic, but the point of this poem is that when one person struggles, the other is there to help the other one through it, no matter the topic or issue.  The first five stanzas are from the perspective of one person while the last five are from their partner.  This poem is called Life: Me and You

Life: You are so unfair that I cannot even describe.
You have taken so much good from me, but I take it in stride.
Instead of leaving me alone, you fill the void with dread.
I am so broken, I do not want to even get out of bed.

No one prepares you for losing a child.
It takes its toll like being unprepared in the wild.
It does not matter if they are unborn or old.
It is still a kick in the guts, and just makes me fold.

Even if I deserved this, my child did not.
For how could you fuck them over on their lot?
The pain is unbearable, no matter how much time has passed.
I don’t know why I get to live with all of my sins amassed.

I am ugly and dead inside because I could not prevent it.
All the good that has been, it has been ruined by shit.
Even though I so badly want to be able to move on and to just say fuck it!
My guilt keeps me bound and tied to this shithole bucket.

I do not want your pity or your remorse.
All I want to do is stay the course.
I am broken and can never be fixed.
This is my lot in life that can never be nixed.

Babe, I see you here in your agony and pain.
But I do not come into this relationship in vain.
No matter how much I want to, I cannot change the past.
Nor can I wipe out all of the sins you have amassed.

I cannot fix you, nor would I try.
To give you peace, I would lay down and die.
But I know that isn’t possible either way,
So I will be supportive and stay.

I have lost a child, but not in the same manner.
I am willing to stand next to you and help hold your banner.
I know it hurts, far more than I can imagine.
Like a ruthless, brutal, fucking moral assassin.

Life is unfair, but it has brought us together.
Perhaps, to lighten your burden to the weight of a feather.
That is ambitious and probably not the case,
But whatever life brings, I will keep pace.

For you might think yourself ugly, but I know something you don’t.
For I am willing to admit it, even if you won’t.
You are crazy beautiful, and love you, I do.
I am willing to take this crazy ride, sitting right next to you.


I am not a firm believer in fate, but I am a firm believer in that things happen for a reason.  For example, people can come into our lives because they need help, or we need help.  Karma might come back and dry fuck us in the ass because we deserved it.  You know, sometimes shit happens because we just make really bad decisions.  Having said all that, I believe people are brought into our lives for a specific purpose.  Maybe we learn that we do not want that type of crazy.  Maybe we figure out that the life we have been leading is really no life at all.  Some people make us better; some make us worse.  Then, there are some people that make us realize that the fantasies we have had since teenage years of being strapped down, blindfolded, and made to endure both pain and pleasure with no control over the situation at all are fucking legendarily awesome!  Just sayin…. for a friend.  You know…

Whether you believe in fate, karma, or anything related to that, we can all learn from what happens in daily life.  When a situation goes bad, we can learn why it went bad and not make the same mistakes.  When someone enters or leaves our lives, we can take notes of why things happened the way they did.  The question to never stop asking is “why?”  The key to answering that question is honesty.  I have learned a lot about myself from asking why and being completely honest with myself.

For example, “Why did I get divorced?”  Because I wasn’t happy.  “Why wasn’t I happy?”  I kept asking myself questions until I could no longer ask any more questions.  I could go way down in this rabbit hole, but for simplicity’s sake, the answer boils down to the fact that we were two completely different people who got married way too quickly and were never really ourselves.  I could write an entire book on the subject, but I think I will pass on that.  It took a while and many times just sitting and thinking before I peeled back all of the layers for the truth.  The truth can hurt our egos, but knowing the truth will lead to a better, happier life down the road.